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One year ago, I would have cried about this. Now, with probably the right influence. I think. This is very entertaining to read thanks to influence from Yomi. Of course, with the repetitive and stringed together as many times as possible in a single sentence shows how awesome and smart they are!

Anyway. I want to take this apart. This is fun. I swear it is because it doesn make sense.

Well, you were um, brave( enough to leave this behind. Be proud of yourself! Good job, my boy! I mean girl.

you bitch. what a fucked up fic. Yeah, see the pun

No I don see your pun. Apologies. Hint: Capitalize the in and the in Capitalization is always important to keep in my mind.

Have a fuck of a life time! Oh, there it is!

What is “it” Life time I thought it was suppose to be “lifetime”. At least you tried, right you ass, have a good time being a bitch whore, does your mom write this badley too is the bitch though Yes, I a fanwhore, but I don know who whore I am. Perhaps identifying the proper noun and then shifting the proper to the improper noun might make understanding much easier. No, my mom does not write at all. She mainly reads.

is this where you got your shity talents spelled incorrectly. The at the beginning of the sentence of should be capitalized. My parents do not write stories if that is what you mean. I discovered that ability on my own. Thank you for asking. I feel appreciated :)!

Or maybe you fucked your relatives and somehow got it from them.

As a sane, normal sophomore, now to be a junior, I do not practive incest, but since you brought up quite shamelessly, I may assume you do. As common knowledge, you cannot inherit wonderful traits by having sex with someone. If the world was that easy, then I would be passing Chemistry with a B right now :)!

Oh. And please do capitalize the in Commas should placed appropriately between and It is unclear where your verb or subject or even a consistent subject verb agreement lie.

Note I know some of you read it already on my livejournal but I felt like posting it here too

This can be totally opened for debate and I love to argue about this. No flames because I know this can be argued over intelligently.

Okay, so you can call me a pro feminist. Sort of. Perhaps many yaoi and shounen ai fans can relate since I dislike this as much as they do.

Anime girls. Video game girls. EVERYWHERE. SMILES. BIG EYES. SMILES.

Such a clear representation of what girls truly are. Right. I am not saying portraying girls/women like that is wrong, but there has been too much of it and too many of “us” support it.

Now to continue to the whoring part of this section.

No, I do not harbor “secret jealousy in the very deep dark corners of my mind” but it irritates me to find that the string of female leads in all anime appear to be the same. Of course, we have some that do not fall in this category like Haruna(o Sakura of Naruto and Tifa Lockheart of Final Fantasy VII.

A familiarity or exact similarity appears in all anime female characters like the large tendency to be damsel in distress, somewhat flawless of error, exists in a perfect enviornment, and when possessing power to fight, never faces the dirt nor ever suffers wounds that would damage the SMILING, perfect face of the anime girl.

Of course, X/1999 Yuzuriha (who has tasted dirt and blood), Clover Suu (suicidal by taking the park down with her), and Samurai X Tomoe (who is dramatic without having to whine, bitch, scream about it).

What is my point so many anime have been having cliched characters that are redundant over and over yet no one seems to notice. The male characters do not seem to bear that much of a problem always bearing the most human quality traits. Why is it that the female lead must be so perfect and why do girl fans love that yet complain about magazine models perfect complexions puzzles me.

And those who support the flat, dull, and perfect picture of the female lead do not seem to have any concrete reason to support their fandom except for an “I don know” response.

So what happened to the girl that can kick ass without needing to be dependent on a guy What happened to the girl that can kick ass, look good ,but does not need to say any words to prove that (excluding Faye Valentine and Julia of Cowboy Bebop and Haruko Haruhana of FLCL)

I mean, I am not implying that all girls cannot have a guy but not every story needs to be done the same way where a guy chases after a girl and girl is distressed, guy saves her, happy ending. When has a girl ever fell in love with a guy but never had love returned When has that ever been the female lead that people can truly identify with yea. I a feminist on the inside.
timberland store A little bit of inspir