old timberland boots A busy winter for Blue Horizons

timberland uk A busy winter for Blue Horizons

Blue Horizons, Inc. 17.

“This was a group of really intelligent eighth grade kids,” Blue Horizons President Don Dillehay said.

But this winter it has been “more like grass shoe ing,” Don Dillehay joked.

They had their local snowshoe competition Feb. 27 at Brush Middle School.

“We had so much fun,” Don Dillehay said. “It was a local Brush thing, and we kicked it out the door.”

After the contest, they held a pizza party for the participants.

Blue Horizons also sponsored a trip for Feb. 2 for 32 eighth grade boys from Morgan County to watch the Northeastern Junior College basketball teams play against Trinidad State.

“Jack Annan from NJC spoke to the kids about citizenship and college sports,” Don Dillehay said. “The kids got to see some very exciting Junior College basketball action.”

Last fall, Blue Horizon organization took 41 eighth grade girls to watch college volleyball action when NJC defeated national powerhouse Western Nebraska. 26, Blue Horizons sponsored two concerts by professional music group Acoustic Eidolon. One was held at Beaver Valley Elementary School in Brush and the other at Pioneer Elementary School in Fort Morgan.

Blue Horizons volunteers Bob Dorn, Dan Marler and Melody Christensen arranged these concerts, Don Dillehay said.

The first concert was set up at Beaver Valley, and then Dorn got the second one at Pioneer set up, Don Dillehay said.

“About 700 students attended the concerts,” Don Dillehay said. Those teams consist of players with and without disabilities in an effort to promote friendship and understanding between those groups.

He is coaching the high school team, and Robb Zellmer is coaching the middle school team.

Their first big tournament was the Northeast Region 2018 Valley High School Tournament on Jan. 24 at Valley High School in Gilcrest.

The BMS Special Olympics co ed basketball team won their two games and captured first place honors in their classification, according to Zellmer.

“Brush played Heath Middle school from Greeley, in the first game and defeated the Panthers 44 to 28,” he said. “Brush led from the start. Hailey Unrein and Ali Keller, the team’s two non disabled players, were complimented by Panther fans for their outstanding sportsmanship they showed towards Health Middle school basketball players, during the game.”
old timberland boots A busy winter for Blue Horizons