timberland snow boots women A mother’s relentless pursuit to find her daughter’s killer

timberland earthkeepers shoes A mother’s relentless pursuit to find her daughter’s killer

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. Situated between two gravestones inside Lincoln Cemetery in Atlanta is a bright green patch of grass no gravestone, no name, no date.

“I’m just not ready to see her name on a headstone with an end date. I’m just not. I’m not ready to do that,” Katara Hamm said, with tears streaming down her face, about her daughter’s grave site.

“Headstones just make it so final like, that’s it; that’s over. I’m just not ready to see her name on a headstone. It’s hard enough for me to have to come to her grave and just. you know that’s your child under there and you can’t do anything about it.”

In the shadow of downtown Atlanta, a secret is tucked inside a quiet Fulton County community.

Just behind the front door of her grandparents’ College Park, Ga., home in an easygoing neighborhood hanging on the edge of a wooded backdrop, 17 year old Randisha Love was murdered.

Hamm, 40, found her daughter when she came home, shot five times in the face and torso on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016. Without closure, answers and an arrest, it’s a sight she is haunted by every single day.

The ending to Love’s story remains a mystery for police since nothing was taken; she was not sexually assaulted; there were no signs of forced entry no obvious motive for her murder.

“This pain is an explainable pain that I feel every day and I just can’t even explain the way I feel because I’m just so hurt; and I’m angry because they felt the need to take my daughter’s life and there’s no reason that they could tell me why they did it. And I will never understand it. Never. Never.

In her mom’s phone, as “Pookie,” Love said: “Im on the bus.”

“Ok love you the have a great day,” followed by dozens of heart, crown and kissing emojis.

“Love you too.”

More colorful emojis close out their conversation.

Love taught her mom how to use emojis, she giggled. It was almost like a secret language between them adding that extra touch of love and hugs and kisses. Hamm looked forward to getting those text messages from her teenage daughter each day.

But, now, every day that her phone remains silent, sans pings to indicate she’s received a new text message, is a day that her heart breaks a little more.

That day in 2016 that started with heart emoji filled text messages, would end in a way that would shatter her mother’s world and baffle detectives.

Love was the second oldest of four children and her mother’s only daughter. She and her family had just moved with her grandparents in College Park that meant a new school, new neighbors and new friends for Love and her two of her three brothers one was already in college. She was a junior at Westlake High School.

But one staple in her life was ROTC. She could not wait to join the military, especially because she knew it would save her mom money for college.

“She was like, ‘Well, when I join the Air Force, I’m going to go because they say it will help me pay for my college as well as for my younger brother. So, mom, you won’t have to worry about what you just went through with my brother, with sending him to college.’ She said, ‘Don’t worry, I got you.’ And those words will forever stick with me because I know that all she wanted to do was help people,” Hamm said. They talked for a few minutes and shared a giggle or two.

“We were laughing with each other, and I’m happy it was a laughing conversation. I had bought her a burger or something to eat when she got out of school the next day, but my son ate it and she was like, ‘I’m gonna get him,’ and that’s what we were laughed about. because he would always eat her stuff.”

The call ended with, “Love you, mommy.”

“I love you too,” Hamm remembered saying into her phone.

But, Hamm could have had no idea that that would be the last time she would ever talk to her daughter.

She called Love, but with no answer.

It wasn’t too strange for her daughter not to answer, however, because she had been known to listen to her music with ear buds in and would not hear her phone ring, Hamm said.
timberland snow boots women A mother's relentless pursuit to find her daughter's killer

timberland boots sizing A Monumental Photo Exhibit Showcasing

timberland liverpool A Monumental Photo Exhibit Showcasing

With exclusive access to Steve Jobs, during a time described as the era of Silicon Valley, Doug collection of masterfully crafted images documented a niche of American entrepreneurs who were on a mission to change the world. From the creators of the smartphone to the visionaries behind making the internet accessible to everyone, this era altered the course of humanity evolution.

Doug anthropological study fostered a profound understanding into the daunting, magical, and excessive human beings who were critical in altering our perceptions of reality through the development of their tech dreams. Doug eye highlights the fortitude of what is achievable when a group of individuals share a collective mission. The result is an unforgettable exhibition of photos that will be studied by generations to follow.

About Doug Menuez

Doug Menuez is a craftsman of human observance. His photographs evoke a wide spectrum of emotions with more than 30 years of creating art through his documentation of cultures worldwide.

Doug commissions range from Hollywood faces such as Charlize Theron and Robert Redford to Mother Tereza and Presidents Clinton and Bush Sr. Mr. Menuez work has been praised by industry and peers alike with honorable mentions and awards via The Cannes Festival, The Epson Creativity Award and the international photography awards. His commercial clients include Apple, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Chevron, Emirates Airlines Forbes

About Fearless Genius: The Exhibition

The exhibition of Fearless Genius opened in Moscow at the Photobiennale in March 2012 and has been continuously traveling worldwide with exhibits in China, Spain, France, the UK, and most recently at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, which set a record for attendance. “We are beyond pleased to now host Fearless Genius at HG Contemporary. A documentation of history that changed the world today and forever, with huge implications on the art world as well,” says HG Contemporary owner Philippe Hoerle Guggenheim.

About Fearles Genius: The ExhibitionDoug Menuez is a craftsman of human observance. His photographs evoke a wide spectrum of emotions with more than 30 years of creating art through his documentation of cultures worldwide.

About HG Contemporary

Hoerle Guggenheim Contemporary is a breakthrough gallery founded by Philippe Hoerle Guggenheim in 2014. The gallery has built a reputation for unearthing distinct artists and producing shows that embrace groundbreaking aesthetics and concepts. HG Contemporary has produced exhibitions featuring RETNA, Tim Bengel, Stuart McAlpine Miller, Jason Dussault, Massimo Agostinelli, Olga Tobreluts among many others.
timberland boots sizing A Monumental Photo Exhibit Showcasing

timberland work boots uk A mom’s quest for answers

timberland clothes uk A mom’s quest for answers

hope they see the shirts and they cringe, she says of the officials who run Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre (EMDC). was under their care and control. He was supposed to be safe. Pigeau, 32, died at EMDC Jan. 7, the sixth inmate to die at the troubled provincial jail in London in the past seven months, the 13th in the past nine years.

Violence, drugs, poisonous labour relations, overcrowding, gangs, inadequate health care, lack of supervision, staff shortages and an increase in inmates arriving with mental illness and serious addictions, have all plagued EMDC over the past nine years.

James Pigeau was well known to correctional officers and inmates alike for complaining about the conditions at EMDC, an advocate in some eyes but an irritant in others.

The London man claimed to have been beaten by correctional officers last summer, and later by a gang of inmates.

He wrote letters and provided information to The London Free Press, the CBC Fifth Estate and London lawyer Kevin Egan, who represents hundreds of inmates in legal actions against the province.

Police told his family there were no signs of struggle in his death, and that cocaine was found in his cell, Janice Pigeau says.

Sources say they suspect he died of a fentanyl overdose, a drug he swore to many he never touch.

can get over the possibility that Jamie was silenced. I know it sounds dramatic, but that the way I feel. There something not right, Janice Pigeau says.

In an interview in their large home in a rural part of south London, Pigeau describes her son as big marshmallow, but he put on the tough exterior. 7, of a drug overdose.

Jamie was the baby in a family of five boys and three children.

just seems with the other seven, every brick they put in place stayed put, Pigeau says. was almost like Jamie couldn put one brick on top of the other. Jamie was 11, his best friend drowned playing in the Thames River by the Hunt dam, she says. Jamie wasn there to help him and lived with guilt forever.

became a compulsive runaway and every time the police brought him home, he be so angry. don need anybody, he say. can take care of myself, let me go. on, he was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Although he got treatment, he also got into trouble.

Pigeau finished high school but by then was racking up a record for stealing cars and driving infractions. His escalating crimes got him a stint in the Joyceville federal prison, where he learned enough about woodworking to build his parents a grandfather clock and display cabinet that stand in the front foyer of their home.

Then he met Adam Kargus, a Sarnia resident, at EMDC. Kargus was a tattoo artist, in jail in 2013 for using stolen IDs to buy cellphones.

Kargus started teaching Pigeau how to make his sketches come to life. The two men lived in Unit 6 Right, until another Sarnia man, Anthony George, pressured Kargus to move to the adjacent unit, 6 Left.

Pigeau told The Free Press he witnessed, in the yard, George assaulting Kargus while correctional officers shrugged it off as rough housing. Backed by other inmates, Kargus asked to be transferred back to his old unit, but the managers refused.

The night, Oct. 31, 2013, that George beat Kargus to death, inmates on both units heard the brutal, hour long attack and called for help, Pigeau said.

No one came.

After the attack, Pigeau was sent to St. Lawrence Valley Correctional and Treatment Centre, a facility for men with serious mental illness and where he says he was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

When he was released in the summer of 2014, he came back home to London on parole.

he would have night terrors, his mother says.

could hear him screaming, somebody help? . . . And that was so hard because it not a nightmare where you can cuddle your child. With night terrors, you kind of have to back away so you don get hurt. That was so hard. was home for more than two years, the longest stay at home since he was 13. He worked with a friend, clearing snow in the winter and landscaping in the summer.

He was getting help from a PTSD clinic, but was also put on an array of drugs. Pigeau brings out her son pill dispensary, 17 pills in four different times slots each day.

swear he rattled when he walked, she says. think they were playing with his system. There be times he couldn sleep. There be times he couldn wake up. There be times he wasn hungry and there be times he eat and eat and eat. it took was one winter of little snow and little work to make her son too restless, He began using cocaine and heroin. He stole from his mom and his brothers.

just seemed the more he tried to get better, it seemed he had more night terrors, Pigeau said.

In April, he was charged with armed robbery and driving offences.

The letters he wrote from EMDC since last spring were full of apologies but full of plans and hope as well, Pigeau says.
timberland work boots uk A mom's quest for answers

timberland safety boots uk a Men’s Lacrosse Program

brown timberlands a Men’s Lacrosse Program

Utah laid a blueprint for how a Division I lacrosse program at a big time school can become a reality.

For the Utes, a big piece was David Neeleman, the founder of four commercial airlines in the United States, who’s donation was integral to Utah elevating to NCAA Division I. From our September issue cover story: “The beauty in Utah’s path is not simply the creation of a new Division I program, it’s also the creation of a blueprint for how other Division I programs can come into being. That blueprint is not simply ‘Throw money at the problem and everything will happen.’ It requires a multi faceted strategy and a boots on the ground leader.”

Will UConn be the next school to follow the blueprint? A major donor to the institution interrupted a speech he was giving at a news conference to make a quick pitch for DI men’s lacrosse. The video, posted on Facebook, was shared by The Growth Blog Twitter account, which does an excellent job tracking the explosion of the sport into new areas.

In the full video below, Peter Werth talks about entrepreneurship and his $22.5 million donation. It is the second biggest gift in UConn history. Werth founded ChemWerth Inc., a company that supplies and develops generic active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Scroll to 26:30 for the lacrosse portion.

“Someone’s gotta go down to Fairfield County to some of these rich people and come up with about $10 to $15 million to get a men’s lacrosse program. ” he said. “within three years you’ll have a national championship.”

UConn has a women’s lacrosse program, and starting in 2018 will be part of the newly formed American Athletic Conference. The men compete in the MCLA, and there was NCAA men’s lacrosse there until the early ’80s. It’s consistently one of those schools suspected and desired.

Back in 2013, IL Publisher Terry Foy wrote an excellent piece on the subject, “Why did they add men’s lacrosse?” that is worth revisiting in this discussion.

No matter what, folks talking about the prospect of men’s DI at brand name schools is exciting. And remember, UConn’s Rentschler Field will host the NCAA Championship Weekend in 2021 and ’22.
timberland safety boots uk a Men's Lacrosse Program

timberland shearling A makeover alone doesn’t make a great programme it’s the story

toddler timberlands A makeover alone doesn’t make a great programme it’s the story

very very proud. We been making it for a decade now. It just such a ratings winner and I can understand why, Linda starts by speaking about to Improve appearing in the top 20 television programmes in Ireland 2016 list, which was released earlier this month.

Some of Linda thoughts on the reasons for to Improves success include the show architect presenter Dermot Bannon.

has an incredibly attractive personality and charm on the telly and in person too. I love who he is and he helps to give the show that winning factor. Dermot one of those people that in reality you not seeing a different person on telly to the person you know and meet in the office or for a coffee, she said.

The series returns with seven exciting new projects and Dermot challenge will be to deliver dream homes with maximum at minimum cost. From suburban semi detached in Templeogue to bungalow bliss in Moate and Sutton, the architect will endeavour to match his vision to the ambitons of the home owners.

Talking about the length of time it takes to film the series due to the nature of the content involving the real construction and re building of people homes. IFTN asked Linda about the other factors that go into creating the programmes content.

are very careful that in every single episode the stories are told well and that the people involved are really interesting characters. As we have a long enough time in which to film the series, but not necessarily a huge budget. We can cover many stories throughout the duration of filming, which we always do.

a house or putting on a huge extension can be a couple hundred thousand of your money and that is a very big moment in a person life. It real situations and it very gratifying to be allowed in to people lives and to see that process with them and be involved with it. asked Linda what aspects of to Improve does she find catches the engagement of an audience and what makes it a great programme.

programme can be hugely engaging and it is all about the storytelling. You telling a story about a particular couple, their architect, their builder, their engineer, their house, their dreams and the drama that happens along the way before they can achieve that end goal.

there that gorgeous makeover element of it as well, a makeover alone doesn make a great programme it the story that makes a great programme. Television have been involved with making various home design programmes over the years. “We’d be very interested in them from doing shows like ‘Desperate Houses’,
timberland shearling A makeover alone doesn't make a great programme it's the story
‘Househunters’ and ‘About the House’ with Duncan Stuart. Home and living type of shows have always been a part of our slate and we love them,” said Linda.

Along with a range of local contractors and crews, the show will feature self builders and have a go clients, keen to save money by bringing Dermot designs to life all by themselves.

A diverse range of hopeful clients with high expectations and a new addition of QS(Quantity Surveyor), Lisa O who will be responsible for keeping budgets in check and balancing Dermot designerly ambitions.

Dermot clients in the new series include a couple who ploughed over 20 years of savings into a dilapidated cottage in Malahide; a fiesty sprout farmer taking on a self build at the seaside village of Rush and a young couple keen to rescue the legacy of an old farmhouse in rural Kildalkey, Co. Meath.

In the opening episode of the new series we meet Robbie and Julie from Darndale in North Dublin who have saved for over 20 years to buy the house of their dreams a 1940s cottage in the picturesque north Dublin suburb of Malahide.

With a budget of Dermot clients plan to gut the cottage, doubling its size with a spacious new two storey extension to the rear, but the remediation costs are so high. Dermot can only deliver a single storey. Expect last minute changes, construction dilemmas, frayed tempers, cunning plans, last minute rescues and impressive reveals.
timberland shearling A makeover alone doesn't make a great programme it's the story

schuh timberland a look at local marching groups

pink timberland boots a look at local marching groups

PARADES WHERE WE CAN SEE YOU IN 2018 We will host our own parade on Lundi Gras, Feb. starting at Washington Square Park on Elysian Fields, up Esplanade ending at St. Augustine Church.


NUMBER OF MEMBERS 158 (includes Hawts Cabin Krewe)

DISTINGUISHING OR FUN FACT Did you know Amelia Earhart stayed at our Lakefront airport before her final flight? Club Founders were members of Krewe of Venus. Da Hawts assisted in a wedding proposal on the route last year she said yes. Cabin Krewe includes Fly Boys Fly Girls pilots

SPECIAL THROW(s) Foam airplanes wings

PARADES WHERE WE CAN SEE YOU IN 2018 Poseidon, Cleopatra, King Arthur, Druids, Knights of Babylon Iris.

Bast Alpha Garrison/ The 501st Legion



DISTINGUISHING OR FUN FACT We carry on a 106 year old black Mardi Gras tradition. The first baby dolls came out of Black Storyville, the same neighborhood as Louis Armstrong in 1912

SPECIAL THROW(s) Our special throws are cigars which the first dolls smoked openly in public and black roses to pay homage to those first women.

PARADES WHERE WE CAN SEE YOU IN 2018 We can be seen in our own parade on Mardi Gras Day. at Back Street Cultural Museum the begin our own secondline with our own 10 piece band at 830am at Back Street wandering through the Treme and French Quarter.




DISTINGUISHING OR FUN FACT We are the only dance troupe to change our costume every year to reflect a theme selected upon by our membership. Past themes and costumes have included Incogni TOE, Toe Bots,
schuh timberland a look at local marching groups
Ma Toe Dors, Camel Toe Cha Cha, Toes in Da Nile, and Nasty Women: Camel Toe World Tour. and in Muses on Thursday, February 8th.



DISTINGUISHING OR FUN FACT: We handbead our own corsets, headdresses and bustles, making a new costume every year based on that year’s theme. 2018: “Looking Back, Marching Forward!” AND we march with a live brass band: Big Fun Brass Band

We are currently being exhibited at the Mardi Gras Museum of Costumes in the French Quarter through April 2018
schuh timberland a look at local marching groups

timberland mens a look at boots around the circumpolar world

timberland deck shoes a look at boots around the circumpolar world

Iglulingmiut seamstress Leah Okadluk made these men’s kamiit in 1987, complete with an intricate fur inlay of two polar bears gazing at each other. (PHOTO BY SARAH ROGERS)

TORONTO There an Inuit saying that goes something like man is what his wife makes him. a walk through the newest exhibition at Toronto Bata Shoe Museum could easily convince you that hunters in the circumpolar world are among the most sophisticated and best dressed, thanks to the skilled Inuit, Saami and Chukchi seamstresses they partner with.

Art Innovation: Traditional Arctic Footwear, features a range of circumpolar attires boots, parkas and tools that illustrate both the beauty and the science in dressing for an Arctic climate.

The exhibit takes visitors though the thigh high, colourfully decorated kamiit of Greenland or their S equivalent, to the monochrome fur designs crafted by Canadian Inuit.

It not all good looks, notes the museum senior curator Elizabeth Semmelhack: Inuit footwear is incredibly innovative.

Take the design of the kamik in what we now know as Nunavut Inuit women developed tailoring techniques that distribute heat to the entire body.

For the coldest months of the year, inner and outer boots were layered to make the most use of the skins. Semmelhack points to the liners of one pair, which are made of baby seal and caribou. These were worn underneath inserts made of furred seal, with sealskin boots over top.

The design helped funnel hot air up around the legs and torso, which eventually came out from the parka hood to keep the hunter face warm.

layering in this manner, the feet really generate a lot of heat, she said. labour that goes into these is incredible. design doesn end there. Adorning one pair of men kamiik are two sets of two polar bears gazing at each other,
timberland mens a look at boots around the circumpolar world
crafted by Iglulingmiut seamstress Leah Okadluk, originally from Arctic Bay, in 1987.

While it might look like the white bears have been dyed that way, this is an impressive example of fur inlay, a technique used by Inuit seamstresses to create patterns on clothing and footwear by using different pieces of fur, pieced in different directions.

From 1970s until the 1990s, University of Manitoba researchers Jill Oakes and Rick Riewe did fieldwork to document traditional boot making in the circumpolar world, including western Canada Arctic, western Greenland, coastal Alaska, eastern and western Siberia and S returned with the riches of the North: sealskin, caribou and reindeer fur, delicate beading and the bone based tools used to make clothing.

one hunter in Arviat explained, his skin clothing was more important than his skidoo or gun, the researchers recalled. research focuses on facilitating the sharing of northern peoples stories that their clothing tell and documenting diversity throughout the circumpolar region. are some of the other pieces featured in the museum collection. Photos are all courtesy of the Bata Shoe Collection.
timberland mens a look at boots around the circumpolar world

timberland earthkeeper chelsea boots a load of old cock

timberland sandels a load of old cock

Does anyone really think chanting that someone has a 24 inch penis is a compliment? I mean, it’d be highly impractical, would require special tailoring to accommodate, as well as an extra gallon of blood and some sort of hydraulic jack to be of any use, even presuming anyone might even want to be in the same room with you andit.

But joking aside, the Romelu Lukaku chant is inarguably racist. You can’t un racist something because you think you’re, in some weird way, someone. And putting my non sexist feminist dungarees on for a moment, it is also rooted in the dominant, oppressive, patriarchal, phallocentric culture, as well as just being really bloody childish.

These fans can assert that chant what we want but they’d be well advised not to go to the wall to demand free speech to sing a song about a footballer’s comedy genitals, because it’s not a good look, especially when he’s asked you not to. And though the anti PC brigade are keen on telling us that you say anything these days as though that’s a bad thing, most of us think it’s actually a rather good thing.

When Chelsea fans sang an anti semitic song about Alvaro Morata, the club said it would ban anyone found singing it again. So the fans changed it this weekend and, hey, their lives didn’t fall apart and their fun was not curtailed. Lesson.

Inevitably enough, those who sing such songs will deploy the banter defence. It’s all just a bit of a laugh isn’t it? That’s probably what the Manchester City fans filmed on a tram earlier this year singing about Spurs fans would also say about chanting this: getting gassed in the morning. how about the lovely off you fing y. Fing gas isn’t good enough for ya isn’t that long since fans felt justified in singing songs about Victoria Beckham almost as though she wasn’t an actual person. There are still the utterly horrific ones about Munich and Hillsborough. Others still about the Ibrox disaster. I’m told there is even one referring to the Bradford City fire and others about Ian Huntley and Harold Shipman. Incredibly, it is also alleged that some sang should died with your brother to Jermain Defoe after his brother was murdered. This is totally incomprehensible behaviour to me and I’m sure almost everyone reading this.

The litany of vile football chants is a long and old one and it against this background that the Lukaku chant has to be seen. One chant based on a racial stereotype allows others to feel liberated to do likewise and soon enough we’ve got an arms race of abuse. It all exists in the same context. Nothing happens in a hermetically sealed cultural bubble.

But I want to understand why this keeps happening at football matches. Not just here, but all over Europe where monkey noises, racist and anti semitic songs are widespread and where players have walked off the pitch in protest at racial abuse.

Perhaps some see it as excitingly transgressive and a way to kick back against what they see as a middle class, liberal, PC doctrine that they feel they are being bullied into accepting. Maybe. But even so, it is a huge gulf that separates decency and abuse. You don’t just accidentally take part in a horrible chant.

Perhaps it is a form of mental disturbance to want to publicly, en masse, inflict distress on another human? Perhaps it is rooted in self hatred and worthlessness, in alienation and existential anger?

Thinking about it further, I was reminded of how confusing it was when there were kids at school who were cruel or nasty towards you when with their mates, but perfectly affable when you met them on their own. Is something like that going on? I find it all so alien and weird. Something deeper and more psychological must be at work. So I talked to a psychologist and asked her why she thought football was constantly cursed with this problem.

She offered the view that one of the attractions about the game, for some people, is that it offers the possibility to surrender your individuality to the collective. That becoming part of a herd mentality takes pressure away from you to make any decisions, other than to do what everyone else is doing. It is a regression to childhood where all decisions are made for you; a surrender of adulthood.

She had a test for whether you are keen to maintain your individual autonomy at all times or will easily surrender to the crowd dynamic.

The test was this. there’s a big sale on in your favourite shop and you are queuing to get in. There are two doors into the shop but everyone in front of you is going in through the right door. Do you just follow them or will you be the first to use the left door? answered immediately that I’d have no hesitation in going to the left door because I’d get in quicker and escape the crowds. To me that was the obvious thing to do.

But apparently, that is a choice that typically less than 20% would make in similar situations. Over 80% would just stick with whatever is working for other people, wouldn’t risk doing something different and feel that is the best thing to do in most circumstances. For them, standing out in a crowd is to be avoided. You go with the flow, not against it.

Her idea was that football chanters might predominantly be people who need to subsume themselves in a crowd identity and so even if that crowd is singing something horrible, they don’t want to go against it for fear of not being part of the gang anymore. Anyone who is seen as a threat to the collective is repelled. Hence the sing what we want contingent. The defensiveness isn’t about not being allowed to sing the Lukaku song specifically, it’s about not being allowed to have a free choice. They feel oppressed and misunderstood.

I thought that was an interesting perspective but when I told my missus, she just pulled a face and said overthinking it, they just sing horrible things because they’re either stupid shts or bigoted shts, or more likely both. You wouldn’t do it otherwise. You just wouldn’t But surely by understanding the psychology of the abusive fan chanting we stand a better chance of not just suppressing it, but stopping it even seeming like a good idea, which must surely be the outcome all decent people want. Because really, as it stands, so many of us are so very sick of this tired old cock.
timberland earthkeeper chelsea boots a load of old cock

timberland gilet mens A Little Understanding

timberland white ledge A Little Understanding

Everywhere I look, the definitions of a little and a baby girl/boy are different so it’s hard for me to come up with a concrete idea of what it is. which is completely different to how I see it. That definition to me sounds more like ageplay which is simply roleplay. pretend.

Many people describe a little/baby girl as an adult who plays the role of a child at a certain age. which is completely different to how I see it. That definition to me sounds more like age play which is simply role play. pretend. way I see it, is age play is a completely separate area of D/s. The specific ages the role play. I consider that age play, and there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s just different to a little or a baby girl. because it does fit nicely with the lifestyle. but it’s not the point of being a little (please keep in mind this is my own definition, there is no right or wrong)A baby girl to me is an adult submissive who needs the positive male role model and craves the protection,
timberland gilet mens A Little Understanding
but also needs the role somewhere between a submissive and a pet. they look up to their Master as a Daddy or father figure. They feel vulnerable and crave protection and gentle care. but expresses inner vulnerability and innocence to the point that they sometimes appear childlike in their behavior. It’s not about role playing a certain aged child, it’s about expressing those. with a little. they can be at their littlest. they can be at their actual adult age, or they could be floating somewhere along the spectrum between the two.

Because it’s not role play, it’s a mix of feelings and emotions, and when you’re feeling emotions from both your adult and little self, you land somewhere in the middle.
timberland gilet mens A Little Understanding

timberland men s boots A little Olympic jealousy never hurts

timberland kids shoes A little Olympic jealousy never hurts

Remember when you got to that age where all the professionals you see (doctors, lawyers, dentists) were now suddenly younger than you? And you fully aware the ornamentally framed certificate on the wall proves they completed their education, but you not entirely certain it wasn done in crayon?

It this strand of ageist bitterness perhaps jealousy of the blinding bright future for the generational litter behind you that forces you to succumb to the jaded bitterness of a life already lived. I starting to feel the same way about the Olympics. Experiencing a form of athletic jealousy with an inner banter akin to Statler and Waldorf from the Muppet Show.

It took me about 30 seconds on the Emera Oval to decide that skating is not for me. I fairly certain as a child I was indeed Tonya Harding . . . minus the, well you know, blonde hair.

But regardless of my inability, it did a lot to further my respect for these Olympic figure skaters. Sure, they make the most horrendous of contorted faces and their costumes would even make Liberace step back and say tone it down. But to make some of these jumps, skills and elements look as effortless as they do is simply magical to me. Except the twizzle (twizzle: a figure skating move in which,
timberland men s boots A little Olympic jealousy never hurts
in unison, the skaters twist and turn down the ice as if they were experiencing the worst form of synchronized vertigo.)

Enjoy all the Armchair athleticism, follow the Games here.

Our Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir grabbed gold in ice dance. All jokes aside, it was a beautiful program a great way to possibly end a 21 year career.

Next: Cassie Sharpe. This young, incredible athlete managed to see her dreams come true. But all this well earned and amazingly uplifting gold medal achievement on the women ski halfpipe accomplished was less to warm the cockles of my Canadian heart and more to just remind me of my own failures on the slopes.

I remember taking to a Quebec area ski hill with a mass of snowboarding newbies one season. Even in his broken English I could tell that the instructor knew there wasn a boarding prot among us. The hour or so long lesson seemed like a weekend intensive course for which I clearly did not read the fine print. Suffice it to say, I figured out a snowboard is much more fun as a sled.

The third and final nail in my coffin of self reflection comes with the biathlon. My confusion has now mixed with fatigue and winter seasonal affective disorder to highlight that this is merely another sport for which I will never become an Olympian. The mixed relay sees the teamwork and combined efforts of our Canadians cross country skiing capabilities and shooting accuracy. Limited time spent at a shooting range or two taught me that I look really good standing next to guns, I make an amazing reloading assistant, but the only deer I ever hit is the one that already been loaded onto the back of the truck.

Only five days to go in the parade of unlimited potential. My only hope now is that the closing ceremonies don have a marry a nice Jewish doctor event, judged by my grandmother. I can take the possible disappointment and humiliation of finishing off the podium.
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