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timberland john lewis by Shooting Latest In City

She heard two shots and took off running in her Timberland boots. Three more shots were fired.

One of the stray bullets hit the 16 year old mother in the heel of her foot. When the shooting stopped, Sanchez was one of three people shot in what the victims told police was a random drive by shooting, police said.

It was one of four shootings including an execution style homicide in the city Tuesday, a day when a Hartford officer also fired five shots at a car that police said was about to run him down. Police Chief Bruce P. Marquis said that gun violence is escalating in several neighborhoods around the city. He said he has asked officers to crack down on loitering and street corner drug sales, which may be contributing to the shootings.

“I’m concerned about the homicide rate escalating,” Marquis said referring to the 14 so far this year. In 2000, there were 18 homicides. We’ll hit the hotspots and take down the known drug dealers. We’re going to do something about the loiterers.”

The homicide victim was apparently Raul Gonzalez, of 85 Crescent Street, also in the Barry Square neighborhood and not far from Trinity College. Tuesday. Police said he was shot in the chest and left in his apartment with a plastic bag over his head.

Police sources said Gonzalez lived alone and that evidence in the apartment indicated that illegal drugs might be involved. It appears that Gonzalez had been dead at least two hours before his body was found.

Suspects who know their victim, a police source said, often use a bag to cover the face, distancing themselves from the violence.

An autopsy conducted by the Office of the State Medical Examiner’s Office in Farmington determined that Gonzalez died of a single gunshot wound to the chest. The incident has been ruled a homicide. There are no suspects in the case.

A neighbor, who was home watching TV Tuesday night, said she didn’t hear any commotion coming from Gonzalez’ apartment. In the Maple Avenue shooting Tuesday, police said George Onassis, 22, of Wyllys Street, suffered the most serious injury when he was shot in the chest, but none of the local hospitals listed him as a patient Wednesday. Another victim, Joshua Green, 22, of Evergreen Street, was shot in the right leg and was in stable condition at Hartford Hospital.

About 20 minutes after the Maple Avenue shooting, Lucas Diaz, 23, of Wethersfield, was grazed in the head by a bullet in the parking lot in the Dutch Point housing project about 10 blocks away. He was treated at Hartford Hospital. Police were unable to locate a crime scene. Diaz’ gunshot wound was not life threatening, police said. There are no suspects in the shootings.

The shootings and homicides have taken place in several parts of the city, including Barry Square, Asylum Hill and the North End.

“Yeah, I was scared. I took off running,” said Aida Sanchez, who crossed her legs Wednesday afternoon on her front porch in Frog Hollow to keep from rubbing the open gunshot wound on her bare foot against the floor. She didn’t know the other victims on Maple Avenue and was only a visitor in the neighborhood.

The Barry Square neighborhood, a hot spot for recent drug activity and gunfire, also is a busy business and residential district, where mothers say they are afraid to let their children play outside.

“Every night,” one mother said, describing the gunfire.

Tuesday’s shootings kept detectives in the major crimes division hopping Wednesday night. “It was a busy night,” said Lt. Paul Hammick, the commander of the division. Detectives are investigating whether the incident in Dutch Point and the shootings on Maple Avenue are connected. The victims told people that they were victims of random shootings by strangers.
timberland pathlite by Shooting Latest In City