black leather timberland boots Building and Renovating

timberland custom Building and Renovating

garden/utility shed/gazebo)

Construct/demolish an uncovered deck less than 10m2 (107.64ft2) and less than 600mm (2 ft) above adjacent grade

If your application is deemed to be a complete submission, review times are legislated based on the type of application. This means that the City of Mississauga will make every effort to meet the following legislative processing times.

10 Days Residential housing type applications, new construction and alterations

15 Days Part 9 scope buildings, other than residential housing

20 Days Part 3 scope buildings, new construction and alterations

It is important to remember that processing time is the time to complete the initial review of your application; it does not mean that your building permit will be issued within the legislative processing times.

Call Centre 3 1 1 available during normal business hours (Monday to Friday). Our Call Centre representatives can answer general questions concerning your building permit application. They can also respond to some technical inquiries. Where your inquiry requires a more detailed response, a request will be forwarded to Planning and Building and one our staff will get back you within 2 business days.

The City’s website is open 24/7 and contains lots of detailed information. The answer to many of your questions can be found online. A response will be provided within 2 business days.

Planning and Building Customer Services Centre is located on the 3rd floor (facade side) of the Civic Centre. We are open Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm to answer any of your questions.

Paper Submissions for Building Permits

The following building permit types are still available for paper submission at the counter fire damage repair,
black leather timberland boots Building and Renovating
motor vehicle impact repair, backwater valves, emergency plumbing repairs, sewer conversions and revisions to existing paper submissions.

Second Units Update

The Licensing By law for Second Units has been repealed so the need to obtain a license is no longer required. However, you still need to obtain a building permit to ensure that your unit meets the current building code and/or fire code requirements. We are in the process of developing a new By law that will require that your unit be on a Registry. To be on the Registry, you will need to have a completed building permit.

Note: the requirement to obtain a Zoning Certificate in conjunction with License is also no longer required, just a building permit.

Click the PDF link (4.37 MB) (pdf) to access a document containing the main points for design consideration when preparing drawings for permit submission in conjunction with a second unit. This document contains excerpts from Parts 9 and 11 of the Ontario Building Code to aid the designer by illustrating compliance regulations of the Ontario Building Code.
black leather timberland boots Building and Renovating