timberland outlet shop How YMCA’s Announcement Impacts Gym Space In Downtown Sioux Falls

kids timberland How YMCA’s Announcement Impacts Gym Space In Downtown Sioux Falls

If you Google gyms in Downtown Sioux Falls, you will only find three traditional places listed. As KELOLAND News has reported, the area is about to lose one. The Sioux Falls Family YMCA will transition away from a fitness facility to a youth development center later this month. The organization will no longer offer traditional adult and family memberships after December 17. A big investor in the downtown area isn’t worried about the loss of gym space.

Board of directors and finance committee are all on Jeff Scherschligt’s rsum, but his history with the Downtown YMCA goes back even further.

Even though adults who live in Downtown Sioux Falls will lose this option as a place to workout, Scherschligt does not expect this to negatively impact the area.

“You’ve got to always remember everything is supply and demand,” Scherschligt said.

He says many of the new buildings, including Washington Square and Jones421, and other businesses have built in workout facilities.

“Subsequently as all those things occurred, the desire to go to the Y as being a facility and the only place to go isn’t true anymore, so the demand isn’t there,” Scherschligt said.

The Y’s decision could be good business for a growing health and fitness club in the area. According the membership director at Great Life, a number of YMCA members have been looking into the company’s multiple facilities.

Right now, Scherschligt says the Y sees a different type of demand that will help carry it further into the future.

“The Y has made a really strategic decision where their niche is youth programming and there’s a lot of need for helping youth and especially the downtown region,” Scherschligt said.
timberland outlet shop How YMCA's Announcement Impacts Gym Space In Downtown Sioux Falls