timberland heels How to Turn Your Business IDEAS into REALITY

baby timberland clothes How to Turn Your Business IDEAS into REALITY

Evan: And we live! Welcome everybody to another YouTube hangout. Super excited to be here with good friend and one of my favorite CEOs of all time, Mr. Steven Kelly. How are you doing?

Stephen: I fantastic, Evan. I so excited to be in your home city. This is Toronto and this place rocks.

Evan: We did Chicago and then this is Toronto, third one. So there we go. Sage Summit happening here in Toronto today. I was a mentor, speaker, tons of fun. But we spending an hour with you guys today to talk about how to turn your business ideas into reality. And we have to start it off with Steven Kelly quotes because that what you guys look forward to.

Stephen: So I got three quotes to kick it off with and good ones, actually. And I think also we might have a few quotes from some of the speakers who we had at Sage Summit during the current broadcast. So, first quote is every morning you have two choices. You continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them and make them happen. The idea that time has come. And the final one really, actually we had him as a speaker, I think it was in Chicago, Colin Powell.

Stephen:??He said, and he so right, a dream doesn turn into reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination, and hard work. So you got to make it happen. And that so important for entrepreneurs. God, we all know, I think, Evan and I would say there probably even periods in our life where we just thought about stuff too much rather than have that buzz for action and just get on and do it sometimes. We know it right, especially if you trust your instincts is a good rule of life. So, three great quotes to kick off with. And, Evan, we in your hometown so let get the show going.

Evan: I like it. And Steven rocking some Canadian pride. We got the Canada pin happening. Oh, there Sage at the top, too, I didn see that! Little Sage logo at the top. The cuff links, you can see his shoes. He got the shoes, he got the tattoo happening on the arm.

Stephen:??We keep going, okay, here we are, upside down, sorry guys.

Evan: There it is, look at that. There it is, Canada flag.

Stephen:??There it is, can you see it? Canada flag. I can get my arm around. Here we go there. Pretty crazy.

Evan: I love it, I love it. Well, guys, I see already questions pouring in so come in, say hi. I looking off to the side to get your questions. But before kind of diving in on that, oh, update. You know, since our last hangout, the channel, my channel just crossed 100 million views.

Evan: Across the channel, so, you contributed a good chunk of those.

Stephen:??I love it. On behalf of everybody out there and there some kind of regular sort of viewers to the channel and some new folks to it, but I just want to thank this guy, Evan, for giving a lot of people belief and conviction and confidence to do what they know is right and pursue their dreams and just make their dreams come true. And this guy been a great role model, I know, from just listening to a lot of what you say about Evan. And he kind of changed lives and given you the confidence and the belief to actually just start your business, grow your business, and be successful. So, credit to you. So, and I know, actually I know Evan as a good friend and it not about building his brand or there no ego about this, he just so committed to your success and just seeing you be the entrepreneur that you can be.

Evan: Thanks, man. I got to bring this guy with me everywhere. That a good intro. I love it, I appreciate that. Yeah, it been fun. I didn I wasn even tracking the number and then someone on my team said, hey, we just crossed 100 million views.

Evan: Like, wow, that great. But, we here to add value to you guys, talk about how to turn your business ideas into reality. Before diving in on the questions, which we going to get to, quick thoughts, what your overall bit of advice on how to turn ideas into reality for entrepreneurs?

Stephen:??Yeah, I think actually an amazing, not related to this, but an amazing guy, Martin Luther King said, to climb that giant staircase, you got to just take the first step. And I think the golden rule is if you have conviction, you have belief, you have an idea, then it all about down to you to make it happen. And it is so easy to just worry about stuff or think about the reasons why you can do it. And I think for entrepreneurs, that leap, you know, we all periods of self doubt, let be honest. But you to have, you got to clear those cobwebs away and say, alright, I going to do it and I going to absolutely do it. And within Sage, I say to all my colleagues, I say, guys let just do it. If it right for the customer, walk in the shoes of the customer. I keep an empty chair in every meeting for the customer. If it the right thing to do, then just go for it. I give you 100% air cover. And I far prefer you fail fast, fail quick, and then find the idea that really meets the customer needs. Then just think about it in that kind of old analysis paralysis, which kills companies, kills entrepreneurs.

Evan: I love it. So guys, leave your questions in the Comments. Let get to a few. They already pouring in. J Ryze first question, J Ryze??is a long time viewer. Is there a set process that reliably, consistently works for everyone on turning a business idea into reality?

Stephen: Yeah, I think there some golden rules. I wouldn say there a cookie cutter process but there some golden rules. Kind of rule number one is always live in the shoes of your customer whether it a product or service. And that rule never goes away as you grow and scale your business, actually. You live in the shoes of your customer, you know, really be where your audience is and that the start of everything. Now, I, we talked about, and I love this, if you got something you really get frustrated by with a service that you receiving or a company you deal with, think about how do you disintermediate that or do that a lot better than they can do and then make that happen. And a lot of businesses have been created just through the genius of people who have become very frustrated. So, I think the key thing is golden rule number one is just be where your customers are and then have that sort of biased reaction to think of your idea and then test drive it with, hopefully, early adopter customers to make sure it real. If it real, let get it up.

Evan: Yeah, I would add, I think you got to make sure you take an action. I think a lot of entrepreneurs have ideas but we talking in this episode how to turn it into reality. It taking consistent action, it waking up everyday and doing something to move your business forward even if you feel like it too big an idea or it too scary. I think a lot of times people are so worried about taking the perfect first step that they don do anything, where there is no perfect first step,
timberland heels How to Turn Your Business IDEAS into REALITY
it just go out and do. And like Steven started a vlog on our last episode, right?

Evan: Like 20 days ago he started a vlog and you done a second episode.

Evan: And you doing a third one here?

Evan: And, it just, we going to get started and we going to learn each time. And you like, hey, give us feedback and then we going to do it again and do it again and do it again and every time you do it, it gets better. You know, there no perfect way to start a vlog, you just get a camera out and you start vlogging and you make improvements every time. And so I think a lot of times entrepreneurs are in their own way, in their own head too much worrying about how do I get started, what first step do I take? Just do something and then tomorrow do it again, and do it again, and every time you get a little bit better. That consistency is going to be really important.

Stephen: Yeah, and I think, I know a lot of entrepreneurs and I say, and sometimes I say this about me, one of the things I be critical of myself, is sometimes, you know, I do seek perfection. Reality is, you know, we probably never find perfection on this planet. And if you looking to have the perfect product or the perfect sort of market research or trialing or whatever, you just never going to do that and you going to spin yourself in circles. You much better off doing exactly what Evan said, is just that action, that action orientation to start. And, you know, on that video, vlog, that we doing, honestly, I didn know if it met the need but I thought, kind of a good idea so why don we just try it. If it didn work, we didn get the reaction, we didn the audience who really said that we meeting the need that they have, then we would have stopped it. And I think the other thing, actually, it hockey, we in, this is a hockey city, right, so Maple Leafs over at the center, yeah? And also, big plug for his team, Blue Jays, another great sport. So, Toronto, great city, great culture, great symphony orchestras, great theater, but great sport too. And Wayne Gretzky, arguably one of the greatest hockey players ever, amazing player. You kind of watch some of his dribbles on YouTube, just out of this world. What he said is he never, never, kind of, he never runs to where the puck is, he always runs to where it going to be. And I think we get inspired by entrepreneurs who have ideas about inventing the future, inventing, taking customers on a journey where the customer might not even know they have a need, a latent need, and just trying, and things like smartphones have done this. Clearly, 15 years ago, we would have said it probably crazy to have a phone and integrated computer device with a calendar, and apps and stuff. We probably wouldn have saw the logic of that because we all kind of walked around at that time, either we Blackberries, another great, actually, Canadian company, that got disintermediated. A great kind of lesson in terms of missing a big shift in that movement where they didn realize where the puck was going to be. They were putting the puck on the ice and just keep on going back to that puck and you can do that. So, I think that bias for action is so important and, Evan, you absolutely spot on with that advice.

Evan: Cool, alright. Well, let get some more questions. I see them flowing in so I going to scroll down and see what we got. It nice to have anything at the Golden Forest. Fifteen year old entrepreneur who works remotely. Sorry, I just got sent an invitation from a good friend. He a 15 year old entrepreneur who works remotely on a daily basis. Here to learn, do you have advice. Do we have advice for a 15 year old entrepreneur who wants to work remotely in their business? What advice would you give?

Stephen: Yeah, I think if you want to work remotely then, I guess, first of all you want to ask yourself what are you passionate about? You know, I know this guy on my left is passionate about helping entrepreneurs. So, you know, the channel was just a vehicle where he can serve you, be your mentor, give you great advice, support your greater business. So, the first thing is, you know, as a 15 year old there got to be something you love. You know, is it sport, is it salsa dancing, what is it you love that really you get excited about? Because if you get excited about it you can inspire, you know, a movement, a movement of customers. Then, the second thing, I think, if you want to work remotely, you got to think about how are you going to deliver that service or product to customers. And again, I think the world of social media really does amplify that. The Internet changed everything. And it fantastic, it gives people huge flexibility in terms of where they work. And as a matter, you know, we doing this broadcast from Toronto, no fancy studios, just a laptop. Pretty low cost, probably the tech here costs less than $1,000. So the world has changed. This would have been unimaginable 10 years ago. So, I say, yeah, absolutely be passionate about something you really love because that will give you your idea for the business. And then think about where the customer is and how you get there. And I commend you if you want to work remotely to really look at social media and the channels, whether it Instagram, Facebook, or whatever channel, where your audience is.
timberland heels How to Turn Your Business IDEAS into REALITY