timberland clothes uk How To Stretch Your Shoes

timberland euro How To Stretch Your Shoes

Having footwear that doesn’t fit properly can do damage to your feet, so if you have footwear that is too snug, you need to learn how to stretch your shoes so that they fit better, and you don’t end up with really sore feet at the end of the day, or end up with serious foot problems that require medical attention. It is actually quite easy to stretch out your snug shoes, so you don’t have to spend money buying new ones, or taking the shoes that are too tight to a shoemaker to have them stretched there.

The Importance of Comfortable Shoes

We take thousands of steps each and every day, so it is important that we wear shoes that are not tight fitting, and are comfortable. Many people, women especially, will sacrifice comfort for a really nice looking pair of shoes, but this is really not a good thing to do. Remember, if you are trying to stretch ladies’ shoes,
timberland clothes uk How To Stretch Your Shoes
you will need to get a shoe stretcher that has various sizes, so you can get your shoes to the right size. You can get shoe stretchers for flats and high heel shoes, and there are even shoe stretchers that have bunion attachments.

Another thing you are going to need to stretch your shoes is a liquid shoe stretch. This is usually in a spray form, and you simply spray it on the shoes once you have the shoe stretcher inside. The liquid will help the material to stretch better, especially if it is leather.

You will have to leave your shoes on the stretcher for at least a few hours for it to work, and it is even better if you keep them there for a day or two. You need to make sure that the shoe stretch liquid is completely dry, or the shoes may not stretch as much as you want them to, and you will have to start all over again, which you probably don’t really have the time to do.

If you have a pair of shoes, or more than one pair, that you really like, but they are just a little too tight for comfort, you don’t have to throw them away. You can stretch your shoes so that they fit better and are more comfortable,
timberland clothes uk How To Stretch Your Shoes
and it is not going to ruin the appearance of the shoes in any way.