timberland boots womens How To Survive A Day In Heels

timberland white ledge How To Survive A Day In Heels

Many women wear heels. They love the way the shoes look, and they love the way they look in them. Some women even have a favorite brand of shoes. Many women have a closet full of shoes, and they love to coordinate shoes with dresses when they go out with friends. Women may look great in heels, but in this case, looking good comes with a price.

For one thing, learning to walk in heels is a challenge. When wearing tennis shoes, women think nothing of the sections of pavement that they walk on a regular basis or little pebbles on the ground. When wearing heels, however, they must pay attention, or they will get hurt. When walking in heels, it is very easy for a woman to turn her ankle and fall. Once she has mastered this art, however, she can be confident.

The other bad thing about wearing heels is that they make her feet hurt. Her toes are crammed into the toes of the shoes. If she spends the majority of her day sitting, it helps. If she works as a secretary, for example, she types reports, writes memos, sends faxes, and makes and receives phone calls. This type of work is easy on her feet. If she works as a cashier, however, she spends most of her day standing. Standing for most of the day while wearing heels can be very uncomfortable. Her feet will really hurt.

One way that she can ease the pain of heels is to take advantage of her breaks. If she works in a job where she is required to wear heels and a suit, and she spends her day standing, she can sit during her breaks. During her breaks, she can also take off her shoes and massage her feet.

Another way that she can feel better is by soaking her feet in warm water when she gets home. The warm water should help. For all of the bad things associated with heels, however, there is a good thing: they give a woman extra height.

As a woman under five feet tall, I appreciate extra height. I do not normally wear heels, but when I do have a reason to wear them, I love the way they make me feel. I feel taller and more confident.

Women will continue to wear heels. They will always be looking for the latest styles and thinking about what they own that they can coordinate a pair of shoes with. A woman can enjoy her shoes by soaking her feet after a long day. If she is married, her husband can massage her feet. By spending time together this way, he will be able to make her feel better. It may also help them to grow closer as a couple.
timberland boots womens How To Survive A Day In Heels