ladies timberland nellie boots How to Tell Genuine Air Jordans from a Pair of Fake Air Jordans

mens timberland How to Tell Genuine Air Jordans from a Pair of Fake Air Jordans

When Air Jordans sneakers first came out in the year 1985, it took a few days for the market to pick up for the brand and it is needless to say what followed is pure magic. In the days in between, hawks watched the sneakers’ performance closely and lo, soon there were fake Air Jordans flooding the market. It is not strange finding a pair of Nike Air Jordans selling for under $10 only if you knew how. However, for those who are willing to invest in genuine Nike Air Jordans, the challenge is how to tell fake Air Jordans before actually paying for them?

How do you know when Air Jordans are fake?

People are savvy and gone are the days when Air Jordans buyers used to line up in front of stores, this despite the increasing menace of counterfeiting. Here are a few handy steps to tell a fake a fake:

1. Manufacturing number is your first defense against fake Air Jordans. Check them on both the box and the tag as to whether they match.

2. The famous Nike swooshes are only on original and retros on the outside and original 2 8s sport them on insoles.

3. Originals are never wrapped in tissue paper but in brownish paper, tags are never in orange colors; check for the famous jumpman logo on the chrome lace ends.

4. Check for available colorways with a model guide; remember all sponge bob print Air Jordans are easily fakes.

5. When you pay premium price for Air Jordans You can’t leave out checking for print quality of box or the jumpman logo.

6. Remember all B grade marked shoes are sold at factory outlets or at wholesale stores that have arrangements with Nike. So, when you are suspecting originality of Air Jordans, check whether they are marked B Grade.

7. There are several eBay shippers that sell fake Nike Air Jordans, beware.

8. If you find the number 335×23?12 on the inside of Nike box, it is never a valid one.

9. Alternately, a look into “About Us” page of a suspect website may throw some light on their originality.

10. Check the font style, color used and the quality of the card or on the box or even the perforations on labels indicate class in genuine models; fake producers of shoes almost always fail here too.

11. Retros or Originals, all Air Jordans carry their release dates on their labels which you can use to check rarity and determine whether the model you are contemplating is genuine or not.

12. More than anything else, new Nike Air Jordans smell genuine leather and not glue as soon as you open the box. If they smell anything other then leather, the shoes are fishy.

It is not easy, the never dying popularity of Air Jordans instigate fake masters innovate harder than ever. Be innovative while choosing your shoes and stores too. Remember to cross check with the company when you are in doubt.

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ladies timberland nellie boots How to Tell Genuine Air Jordans from a Pair of Fake Air Jordans