timberland promotion code Hottest Women’s Franchise Business Opportunities

timberland boots size guide Hottest Women’s Franchise Business Opportunities

There is even a growing trend of women stepping out from under the umbrellas of large corporations to go into business for themselves as small business entrepreneurs.

As it turns out, this shift is even more positive than one might imagine. In 2000, one research agency conducted a simple study on the job performance of business managers in the US. Though the agency hadn set out to discover anything in particular, what they found was that, in general, women in leadership roles were more likely than men to be team players, more interested in the success of the business than personal reputation, and better appreciated by both their supervisors and subordinates than their male counterparts. Another study discovered that women in leadership tend to have a very positive effect on the value of the businesses that they work for, often increasing the equity of their businesses by up to 80% over similar businesses operated by only men. And specifically in the world of small business, at least 40% of all privately owned firms currently in operation are led by women, according to the Center for Women Business Research.

All that is to say that the combination of women and business is a good one, and that applies to franchises as well as all other types of business. If you a woman interested in leaving your mark on the business world, there are plenty of business opportunities available to you, but some are especially well suited to female leadership, and within that list, there are some that stand out as exceptional opportunities. Among those listed as women franchises, here are five that may be some of the hottest franchise businesses out there.

Apricot Lane

A very unique presence in the retail industry, Apricot Lane has taken advantage of two stellar markets, gifts and fashion apparel, which together account for $32bil in annual sales. With 15 years of retail experience, this established name in gifts and apparel has the necessary knowledge to train new franchisees in the best ways to acquire and keep clientele. For a retail outlet, the initial purchase price is relatively low, and with a potential for e commerce sales as well as walk in shopping, that cost can quickly be recovered. And it in relationship with these advertisers that franchisees, or independent distributors (IDs), come into the picture. In a specified territory, IDs are responsible for drumming up advertising clients, helping them develop ads and write copy, and sending the advertisements to the central publishing department for each monthly print. Then when magazines are scheduled to hit the shelves, IDs are the ones who receive the shipments and put them there. This home based business has worked for thousands or aspiring business owners, from all kinds of previous industries, and it can work for you.

StretchAlicious Active Wear Boutique

In recent years, active wear has become one of the biggest sectors of women clothing. Well aware of this, StretchAlicious Active Wear Boutique, the only franchise business specializing in active wear, has stepped in to take advantage of this huge business opportunity, but not without keeping a social conscience about it. The tendency in clothing retail is to target a certain demographic of women, but StretchAlicious Active Wear Boutique is interested in serving all women, from size 0 to 22, and they do so with a style that is all their own.

Plan Ahead Events

Anyone who has ever organized or hosted a large scale event knows how hard it can be to orchestrate hotel accommodations, entertainment, food, lighting, cleanup, and all the other parts of the plan that have to come together. Plan Ahead Events franchisees make a business out of pulling off spectacular events so that their clients don have to. As part of the $500bil global event planning industry, Plan Ahead Events franchisees pay a variable franchise fee depending on what city they decide to operate in. Wherever the franchise lands, this is the opportunity for anyone who wants to work from home and make money just for being coordinated and hospitable.

Michelle Lea Massage Therapy

Though massage is often considered a luxury, Michelle Lea Massage Therapy franchisees, more interested in relieving pain and enhancing a client life, treat it as healthcare. Located in resorts and malls, this franchise provides an array of services including massage, acupuncture, and a wide variety of other holistic solutions to various aches and aliments. Franchisees receive help in selecting a site, building it out, and hiring staff. They provided with a custom website, continual backup support when necessary, and regular visits from field representatives to ensure ongoing success.

Of course, not all women are exactly the same, so there is no cookie cutter business that will work in someone hands simply because she female. But as you can see, there is certainly enough variety within the category of women franchises that everyone can find something that will succeed in her hands. Look more closely at these business opportunities and determine if any one of them is right for you.
timberland promotion code Hottest Women's Franchise Business Opportunities