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You know how it is when you want to put things in order at 3 o’clock in the morning. The still supple supermodel (r.) has had many boyfriends: She’s reportedly dated Eric Clapton, U2’s Adam Clayton, Robert De Niro, Adrien Brody, Flavio Briatore, Kevin Costner, Lenny Kravitz, Eddie Murphy, Sean Penn, Quincy Jones, Sylvester Stallone, Tommy Lee, Mike Tyson, dancer Joaqun Corts, Joe Pesci, Robbie Williams, Joseph Fiennes, Sean Combs, David Blaine and Formula One driver Pedro Diniz. The relationships have seldom lasted a year, unless you total the on agains, such as her three time hookup with Briatore, the millionaire Formula One manager. Nearly all have dumped her after a particularly bad hissy fit. Is there a pattern here?

Boyfriend: Badr Jafar (called a prince, but Dubai bloggers say he’s “merely” an oil heir)

How long it lasted: 10 months, 2005 6

Best gift: $1.

8 million, three day birthday party at a seven star hotel

The breakup: Jafar dumped her after she allegedly caused $54,000 worth of damage on his yacht this month when his chef suggested an appetizer of tomato, ham, and mozzarella with a white wine.

Boyfriend: Robert De Niro

How long it lasted: 1991 92

Best gift: An apartment in the Thread Building

The breakup: Our sources say Campbell called police and firefighters to De Niro’s apartment when she suspected he was there with another woman. De Niro soon broke up with her, and Campbell was heard to scream into her mobile, “You either marry me, or buy me a building!

” He was also reportedly not happy when Campbell allegedly slammed actress Troy Beyer against a limo outside his Tribeca Grill restaurant.

Boyfriend: Tommy Lee

How long it lasted: 2004

Best gift: Shoes, presumably

The breakup: Broke up with her after accusing her of being high maintenance. As he put it, “She doesn’t travel anywhere without 500 pairs of shoes and 82 dresses. It was too much.

” Her reply? “I have never been ashamed of liking nice things.

How long it lasted: 1998 2003 (off and on)

Best gift: Diamonds

The breakup: Briatore dumped her after he inadvertently invited one of her exes, Hugo Boss mogul Matteo Marzotto, onto his yacht, and Campbell pitched a hissy. Briatore later came home to his mansion in London and found his living room filled with broken glass.
timberland boat shoes for men HOPELESS ROMANTIC