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But why is that? That is why we are taking a look into what makes I 70 so dangerous.”The driver who failed to slow down is identified as 61 year old James Medley of Crawfordsville, Indiana. Medley was dead at the scene.” This was a previous News 10 story we did on an I 70 accident.

“He was a good friend of mine. I rode with him for several years and he was one of them that passed away. A fellow driver and a friend.

Years later, the story is the same, even if the people are different. Just recently a family with small children.

In July a two semi trucks and one car collided near the 16 mile marker.

Indiana State Police say a semi driver did not slow down in a construction zone which caused him to slam into a mini van. The force caused the van to smash into another semi truck.

Two children, a one year old and a five year old, died in that accident.

it breaks my heart. It tears me up because it’s those children involved. It shouldn’t have happened. I believe it could have been prevented.

Semis, I 70 and fatalities;
timberland boots for children Con of Danger
lately they seem to go together. But we don’t always know why.

Matney does have some thoughts though. has a lot to do with the young drivers that have flooded the interstate. That I don’t think have the patience. He’s not afraid to call out some of his fellow semi drivers; but that’s just one of his concerns.

And perhaps, most importantly, Matney says you the driver play a role in your own safety.

they can go fast, but they also die. You have a wreck at 70, 80 miles per hour in these car that are made of real thin tin anymore, you die. There’s no maybes about it. You collide with a semi,
timberland boots for children Con of Danger
you die.