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Do you have a book that would be just perfect for Oprah Book Club and you want to tell her about it? Do you dream of sitting on that comfy chair next to the daytime queen and discussing all your problems with her? Or do you have a great story idea that you want to pitch to the show producers? If you do, you not alone.

When even David Letterman starts staging a very public campaign to be a guest on her television show, just how hard is it really to get a hold of the daytime talk show queen? It not as long as you got something worthwhile to tell her.

Before you try to reach her, you need to do your homework. Have you watched the shows to understand what the theme is for that year? Is your idea related to either the overall vision of the Oprah Winfrey Show or any of its specific topics? If you going up against the queen of daytime talk shows, you need to be well prepared. Once you done your research, if you still convinced that she needs to hear from you, read on.

There are a variety of different ways to contact Oprah Winfrey. First, contrary to popular belief, snail mail is still an effective form of communication. You can try to contact Oprah Winfrey via the Oprah Winfrey Show mailing address at: PO Box 909715, Chicago, Illinois 60690 9715. Alternatively, you can also send your comments to the Oprah Winfrey Show street address at: 110 N Carpenter St., Chicago, Illinois 60607 2146. If it the O Magazine you aiming for, write to: 300 W 57th Street, Floor 36, New York, New York 10019 3741.

If you forgotten what it like to write an actual letter with pen and paper, fear not the Oprah Winfrey Show has entered the 21st century. Bear in mind that with either attempt, you are not guaranteed a personal response.

If writing isn for you, there is also the option to call her studio via telephone at (312) 633 1182, or (312) 591 9222 if it tickets you after. However, don expect Ms. Winfrey to pick up the phone herself. You are more likely to be weaved around a complex network of receptionists, or if you lucky an assistant producer or two.

In this day and age it has no doubt become quite the task to contact Oprah Winfrey and you may find yourself leaving a message or ten. But, rest assured that if whatever it is you have to say is worth saying, she will be the one contacting you.
mens timberland boat shoes Contact Oprah Winfrey