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It was a harrowing morning from Cold Lake’s ninth grade students as their morning studies were interrupted by a mock car crash on Tuesday, April 4. Roughly 230 ninth grade students from Cold Lake High School, Assumption Jr./Sr. High School and Voyageur descended on the Cold Lake Energy Centre on Tuesday morning for a day of interactive education on the dangers of impaired and distracted driving. program, is an annual preventative event aimed at teens who are new drivers or about to be new drivers. Now in its third year, the day long event features a mock drunk driving accident wherein students witness the consequences of impaired driving and the step by step emergency response in a collision scenario. Students also hear presentations from emergency response personnel such as Military Police, EMS and paramedic services, fire rescue services and the RCMP. program are important in helping driving age youth in making positive life choices.

“It’s important for these kids to make good decisions and make a decision on risk management for themselves,” said Zimmerman of the demonstration. “It’s important that if their friends are partying that they don’t get into a drunk drivers car. We want kids to make smart choices for themselves.”

Numerous community organizations partnered with Victim Services for the event, beyond just emergency responders. Zimmerman says mental health and addictions programs also play into smart decision making skills and that Victims Services has been blessed with great partners over the years.

Zimmerman said that the presentation also sought to hammer home the notion to youth that they are in control over the decisions made in their vehicle.

“When you have a vehicle and you’re the driver you are the decision maker how load the music will be, texting, drinking and raucousness in the car we want kids to make smart choices,” Zimmerman said.
where can i buy timberland boots at Energy Centre