timberland parkerstown ox Articles about Ku Klux Klan

timberland oxford Articles about Ku Klux Klan

Coming Monday, he presents the cases for Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn. Four voters in the first election for Baseball’s Hall of Fame didn’t think Ty Cobb was a famous baseball player. Eleven voters blew off all time home run king Babe Ruth the same year. Mark’s skewed genius

By Geoff Gehman Of The Morning Call September 28, 2006

From the early 1990s to 2001, Ray Barnes’ studio was invaded by “The Mr. Mark Show,” a WMUH FM program hosted by Mark Klee, who viewed humanity with outer space wonder. Barnes liked to paint to Klee’s “unstable fables” and monologues, which ranged from a dinosaur production of “The Odd Couple” to Emmaus Borough Council splintering like the Soviet Union. Ford Of The Morning Call February 22, 2006

Sporting blue jeans, grey Timberland boots and an oversized black sweatshirt, comedian Preacher Moss walked onto the stage Tuesday night in Easton and said he met his wife at a Muslim strip club. “I gave her $20 and she put on more clothes,” Moss said while about 90 Lafayette College students roared in laughter. During the college’s Black History Month program at the college’s Farinon Center, Moss poked fun at his short height and Catholic school students, and joked about a holiday for white people called “Cracker Appreciation Day.”PETA wasn’t relevant to story about avian flu

The Morning Call November 23, 2005

When reading the Nov. 19 front page article on the bird flu and the safety of eating turkey, I was amused that there were quotes from the radical group PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I was seated on a bus when an elderly black woman entered. Seated close to me were two little boys. When I was about to rise, I heard one of them say, “Get off your butt and give your seat to the lady.” They both got up and directed the lady to her seat. But in the Boyertown area, which has been scarred by a history of racism, the attempted cross burning remains a hot button topic. “We need to keep vigilant,” said Jennifer Schlegel, chairwoman of the Boyertown Area Unity Coalition. “We need to show that the actions of a small number of individuals does not represent the compassion of the majority.”Parents: Neo Nazi rally is proof bigotry lives

After a recent trip to Europe that included visits to three Nazi concentration camps, Steve and Rhoda Cohen wanted their son, Corey, 11, to know that anti Semitism was still alive and on its way to their Upper Merion Township neighborhood. On Saturday afternoon, the Cohens were among about 200 people who gathered, after passing through a metal detector, in a roped off section of the amphitheater at Valley Forge National Park.
timberland parkerstown ox Articles about Ku Klux Klan