womens timberlands boots A Favourite Hangout For Mumbai Girls

blue timberland boots for men A Favourite Hangout For Mumbai Girls

Do you want to shop in the fashion capital of India? For those who don’t know, Mumbai is the ultimate destination for those who like buying fashion from street shops. Boasting of hordes of designer street shops, Fashion Street Mumbai gives shopaholic much more junk and trinkets than any big mall or chic stores can provide.

Fashion street Mumbai: Enjoy street side shopping in Mumbai

One of the choicest shopping destinations in the city, Fashion Street Mumbai boasts of more than 150 shops. Road, this street is popular for latest and trendy clothing lines in the city. Not only local but you can also find designer brands at nominal prices. A wide array of things including denims, accessories, shirts, hats, footwear, handbags and more can be found at this widespread shopping hub of Mumbai.

You can even find export quality apparel in varied sizes as these garments are unceremoniously emptied in the petite shops of fashion street Mumbai. Perhaps, what makes this bazaar stand out is the muddle of hues, incredible fashion and the aroma of mouth watering street food. So, if you’re someone who enjoys street side shopping, then Fashion Street is the place to be. Not only it dishes out a great assortment of clothing and accessories but also makes sure you don’t spend a big fortune to upgrade your fashion closet.

So, all you smart buyers out there who know how to bargain should straight away head to Fashion Street.

Fashion street Mumbai: The name suggests it all!

As the name suggests, fashion street bazaar has a whole stretch of street devoted to fashion clothing and accessories. So, no need to break the bank at large malls. Whatever you need to make a style statement is easily available at this shopping destination. With 150 175 stalls selling apparel, shoes, handbags and more at throwaway prices, this place attracts everyone from teenagers, college students to modern woman who loves to be a fashion diva.

As soon as you step into the Fashion Street Mumbai, you’ll realize you’re surrounded by lots of college going students teenagers. A dynamic flea market, this place is truly a shopper’s paradise. This market is even frequented by tourists who love purchasing fashion from these small shops where modern, export surplus clothes and chic accessories are sold at throwaway prices. Perhaps, if you’re are an ardent shopaholic or fashion conscious alum,
womens timberlands boots A Favourite Hangout For Mumbai Girls
you’ll be amazed by the number of readymade clothes and knickknacks present at this place. Whether you want traditional dresses or vibrant bangles, latest gadgets or any other stuff for that matter, Fashion Street is the place where you can find everything. You can also find a great deal of jewelry at this bazaar. The only thing is to be wary of shopkeepers who quote high prices to customers who are apparently new to the place. Therefore, it’s better to utilize your instincts shopping skills and get a good bargain.

If you’re good at bargaining, then Fashion street Mumbai might lend you some really awesome deals at cheap rates.

Fashion street Mumbai: An ultimate destination for all kinds of clothing!

This renowned market of Mumbai is highly celebrated for its stylish Jeans, Capris, Track Pants, Shirts, Tops, Skirts, Night Wear and fashionable clothes for toddlers. You can even buy Caps, Sports Shoes, Earrings, Mojris, KolhapuriChappals and more. Moreover, you can get a good piece from clothes that have minor defects like no buttons or are rejected items. If you want to get the clothes exchanged, they are open to do so as well if you come back in a limited time.

Majority of clothes come here as they are rejected by quality conscious importers. It’s highly possible that a button is missing or has crooked collar, but overall this apparel is chic, inexpensive and of good quality.

For those who don’t know, the Business Capital of India, Mumbai is the chief exporter of garments to abroad. The apparel that makes for crazy stuff in leading fashion stores of US Europe can be purchased at this place, besides at a bargain. In other words, export quality clothes and garments are present here at affordable rates. All you need is to use your bargaining skills for grabbing your favorite clothes.

Fashion street Mumbai: Don’t forget the accessories

When it comes to fashion street Mumbai, how can you forget the different accessories you can get this amazing place. Whether you’re a man seeking belts and shoes for the next occasion or a woman who wants to buy jewelry and sunglasses for daily wear, Fashion Street gives you all that too at throwaway prices.
womens timberlands boots A Favourite Hangout For Mumbai Girls