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It was as though he had just received wisdom from an old man on a rocking chair sitting on the front stoop of a mountainside cottage near the end of his life and it was a life filled with regrets.

play every forechecker like he your last. Markstrom did that all right.

He propelled himself across the ice, and actually lost a race to the puck with oncoming Antoine Roussel.

It didn matter. Marstrom guts, no glory play did enough to uncork the puck and send it the other way, where soon after the Canucks scored their only goal of the game.

Later, he would land a nice one liner when asked about the clear gamble he was taking.

wasn a gamble, he said, unable to keep a straight face.

wouldn have gone out if I didn know I was going to be first on it. wasn first on the puck.

a split second, you have to make a decision quick. I made that decision and once you make it, you can have second thoughts.

you know to come out or do you want to give him the breakaway?

plays with a lot of guts. MYSTERY

The Stars scored once in regulation. It was after a breakdown on the Canucks PK, one that left Seguin, uhm, open.

Coming across his crease,
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Markstrom was caught flat to the goal line, leaving Seguin with way too much net to shoot at.

If he comes through the crease with a different rotation, maybe the puck hits him in the shoulder. There would definitely be less net to shoot at by default.

But Markstrom would later say Seguin fanned on it, and was trying to go short side.

Seguin reaction was complicated. Dallas media believed his shot (!) had knocked the net off its pegs, not Markstrom and there line of questiSo Seguin comments may have been tongue in cheek, playing off the, uh, media confusion.

He said:

don know who is going to stop that shot, it heavy, so better luck next time I guess. smirking almost)

Seguin is good enough to open up his blade and make that shot. He also a big enough smart ass to snark it up, and lie about it if he didn mean to.
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