timberland manchester A first lady’s ambition cut short

timberland ladies walking boots A first lady’s ambition cut short

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa was the last obstacle standing in Grace Mugabe’s way to take over.

“When Mugabe fired Mnangagwa, and fired him from the [political Zanu PF] party, it became quite clear there would be a coup,” he says. “That was Emersson essentially stepping in to stop Grace from taking the top job.”

‘Give me the job and I will do it very well’

“Grace Mugabe clearly wanted more power,” wrote Chipo Dendere, a postdoctoral fellow at Amherst College in the Washington Post. “In the last months, she suggested that the Zanu PF constitution should be amended to mandate that one of the two vice presidents be a woman.”

Dendere pointed to a speech on November 5, when Grace Mugabe told a rally that she was ready to take over from her husband. “So I have said to the president: You can also leave me in charge. Give me the job and I will do it very well because I am good. I can do a great job.”

She said the First Lady has several thousand supporters, especially among women,
timberland manchester A first lady's ambition cut short
who think she is “daring and hard working.” They argue, writes Dendere, “that these traits intimidate men in politics who resort to sexual attacks.”

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe (C), flanked by his wife Grace Mugabe (L) and daughter Bona (R), blows out the candles on a cake celebrating his 92nd birthday.

Her ambition became clearer in 2008, Dendere said, in the days leading up to a runoff election. Dubbed “Gucci Grace” for her lavish shopping sprees and fondness for designer clothing and shoes, she “traded her designer dresses for military clothing, complete with a beret and Zanu PF’s trademark clenched fist.”
timberland manchester A first lady's ambition cut short