babies timberland boots A Dual Degree In Business And Public Health Can Be Your Prescription For Success

timberland jacket sale A Dual Degree In Business And Public Health Can Be Your Prescription For Success

The intersection between business and health care is becoming a partnership that seemingly continues to grow, both in the United States and abroad. Professionals who can navigate between these two occupations individuals with the expertise to speak fluently about public health and innovative management solutions will be at the forefront of this noticeable change.

A Dual Master of Business Administration and Master of Public HealthDegree Provides a Solid Foundationfor Leadership in the Healthcare Industry

An excellent way to prepare for and help lead this change is with a dual Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Health degree, a specialized instruction that combines analytical rigor with practical exposure to the events and policy discussions that will reshape the way various organizations approach these topics over the next decade. A degree of this kind also provides a solid foundation in the key principles of science and mathematics, as well as economics, entrepreneurship and ethics, so the new generation of executives can be the most effective.

An MBA MPH dual degree creates the proper intellectual framework a mindset that honors strategic thinking and personal integrity necessary for working with both non profit groups and private corporations. The common feature linking these enterprises is the ability to successfully solve an increasingly complex challenge: the financing, distribution and equitable availability of health care. In fact, new scientific discoveries, coupled with a series of competing financial and political debates, will make a background in business and public health a necessity. From proposals involving public underwriting of drug research or new medical therapies to influence from insurance companies and employee unions, there is a need for there is a demand for business leaders who have public health experience.

Additional challenges for public health officials include:

Transmission of diseases and epidemics worsened by global travel.

Genomics and the protection of patients’ rights.

Community based research and respect for the environment.

Local and federal policies that impact primary medical care.

Each of these issues requires leadership skills, open communication and a willingness to work with a diverse group of business executives, public officials and citizens with specific interests. For example, at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a background in business and public health will be a major asset, a benefit that facilitates research and promotes awareness about safeguarding individuals from a medical epidemic, while also looking into the business implications of any outbreak.

Whether dealing with international emergencies or environmental crises or workplace disasters, public health is a constant we must all address. Knowledge of the scientific factors responsible for these events is a necessity, but exposure to business training is also something our leaders should possess. The former demystifies the world of science, while the latter shows us how to create an organization with the right personnel for long term success.

A MBA MPH dual degree shows not only commitment to the greater good, but also a level of responsibility that is needed in the careers that will benefit from this specialized education. The knowledge and understanding gained by obtaining a dual Master of Business and Master of Public Health will help a person make the right decisions from the outset.

A Master of Business Administration and a Master of Public Health dual degree is an investment that will yield impressive returns. With its emphasis on research and communication, having executives with this degree is a benefit for any health organization.
babies timberland boots A Dual Degree In Business And Public Health Can Be Your Prescription For Success