shops that sell timberland boots A History of Celebrities in Rain Boots at Glastonbury

timberland boots for men A History of Celebrities in Rain Boots at Glastonbury

Flower crowns. Fringe. Kimonos. Ill advised suede booties. More flower crowns. These are the items we most closely associate with music festivals. We hear the words Coachella or Bonnaroo and instantly conjure images of pseudo hippies and would be bohemians twirling around in fields to the sounds of, well, it’s not really about the music at these things is it?

But the Glastonbury festival is an entirely different beast. It takes place at Worthy Farm in Pilton, United Kingdom, which sounds whimsical and medieval but is actually just very, very hard on your shoes. Britain is known for its rain, and rain it does during Glastonbury it’s not raining, you can darn well bet it’s at least going to be as muddy as all get out.

As such, proper footwear is required. The uniform of Glastonbury isn’t so much flower crowns at is rain boots, rain boots and more rain boots. Wellies, to be exact. If you show up to Worthy Farm in anything but, you may as well show yourself out in shame immediately. This year’s festival just concluded last night (with a closing performance care of Coldplay and Chris Martin’s adorable children,
shops that sell timberland boots A History of Celebrities in Rain Boots at Glastonbury
to boot) and there were Wellies a plenty much so that it got us thinking: Just how prevalent is this footwear?

Here we have Kate Moss, the Patron Saint of the Hunter Wellington. Her relationship to the festival, and the rain boot itself, is symbiotic. There is no Glastonbury without Kate Moss, and heck, there may as well be no Kate Moss without Glastonbury. No matter the weather, timing, lineup or political climate, Kate Moss is going to be at Glastonbury Festival. And damnit, she’s going to be wearing Wellies. Here we observe one of the earliest Kate in boots sightings, over a decade ago. We see her developing her love for the practical footwear, and testing its durability against the elements (read: mud).
shops that sell timberland boots A History of Celebrities in Rain Boots at Glastonbury

new timberlands A Halloween riddle

timberland returns A Halloween riddle

What has fuzzy brown webbed feet, big white tusks, goofy googly eyes and puts me in a rage?

It’s a walrus, and it was the only Halloween costume available for my 16 month old son.

Sure, guys have it easier. Men make more money, on average a full 30 per cent more than women. They still aren’t expected to put their careers on hold to raise children, giving up precious rungs on that ladder in order to do so. They have a faster metabolism; on men grey hair looks ‘distinguished’ and rarely do they walk through a dark parking lot clutching their keys as weapons and fully expecting attack.

I don’t know a single man whom, after watching a Criminal Minds marathon, will go to bed and curl up next to a crowbar. Mind you, I don’t know a single man who would watch a marathon of Criminal Minds, but that’s not the point.

To top it off, should he so desire, a man can stand up and urinate off the back of a boat. The world is their rest stop, and certainly, that’s unfair.

In truth, I have as much chance of seeing the dawn of gender equality in my lifetime as I do seeing Elvis live and in concert.

But while men have it easier, little boys have it rough. And the walrus proves this.

Combing a local department store for Halloween costumes rammed the point home.

There are racks and racks of costumes for girls. There are princesses and furry pink ponies. There are unicorns and butterflies, kitty cats and ladybugs. There are pink teddy bears and pink lambs, purple dragons and good witches with pointy white hats.

There are even tiny versions of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and teeny weenie little Princess Leias.

Even the so called unisex costumes aren’t particularly appealing, and while my darling son would look cute as a plush yellow chick, that’s not the point. He might have been a cute lion or a zebra, maybe even an alien or a monkey, but the racks had been picked clean of these offerings, and the only zebra that remained in his size was missing an eye.

Before you judge me for buying into the stereotype of gender specific clothes, hold on a second. It’s about choice. Where mothers of little girls get to decide what costume suits their darling the best are they a princess or a pony, a pink spotted leopard or a fairy? I am told my little boy is a walrus. Because that’s all there is.

(And before you judge me for failing to make my son a Halloween costume like your mom did when you were little, stop and think about how sexist that assumption is I’m a mom, therefore I ought to be able, and have time, to sew. You wouldn’t expect the same skill set of my husband, would you?)

The Halloween costume is just one example. Take a walk through any department store and you’ll soon discover that the little girl section is three times the size of the little boy section. Little girls get colours, styles and sizes galore. Little boys get sweat pants and T shirts. You don’t even get to choose what colour or style you want, either you just look for what fits and grab it before the next mom comes a looking.

Shoes? Good luck. Again, it’s a matter of finding what fits and making do; whereas little girls not only have rainboots, they have rainboots with strawberries on them, they have ladybug rainboots with little antennae shooting off their toes. My son has rainboots that his cousins outgrew. They’re blue.

On October 31, he won’t be a walrus. He might have to wear the ugly sweatpants and the lame, off yellow t shirts, he might even have to wear the previously scuffed, utilitarian rain boots. But he won’t be a walrus. He’ll never be a walrus.
new timberlands A Halloween riddle

girls pink timberland boots A Guide to Recycled Leather

discounted timberland boots A Guide to Recycled Leather

What is Recycled Leather?

The process of recycling leather involves treating and recycling leather residues that are discarded by tanneries and other leather product industries and using it in the production of composite materials. To recycle leather, first the leather residues and scraps must be shredded. Next, the resulting blend of shredded leather material is glued together with resin and catalysers. This product is then pressed between metallic molds of various shapes and sizes, or directly on sublayers to form plywoods, and then structured into the desired item. The final product has a very polished appearance and there is no need for any additional finishing. Recycled leather products are esthetically pleasing, soundproof and even have heat insulation properties. They can be used in a variety of ways, from furniture to floor tiles to car interiors and have the look of natural leather.

Leather recycling companies are also beginning to take it one step further and are becoming very conscious of the impact their recycling processes have on the environment. They utilize procedures that minimize harmful emissions and save energy. These companies use natural rubber to bond the leather scrap, reducing the need for any harmful chemicals or harsh glues in their recycling process. They use natural tanning oils and vegetable tannins to color the recycled leather products and are able achieve the desirable appearance of full grain leather, all while avoiding the use of any toxic metals. This process results in a highly flexible and breathable recycled leather product that can be used for the most delicate of leather items, including upholstery and clothing

Recycled Leather Items At Home

Leather products are generally very durable and expensive. Once you make the investment in a high quality leather item, you can expect it to be look beautiful and be used for many years. However, as leather gets older some areas become worn out or damaged, whereas other parts of the item still look brand new. For example, the cushions on your favorite leather couch may become torn and tattered after years of use, while the back of that same couch still looks shiny and new. Fortunately, with a little creativity, and the use of leather conditioning products, dyes, and crafting supplies, you can recycle and repurpose many old leather products into a brand new, useful item.

When thinking about which leather can be recycled,
girls pink timberland boots A Guide to Recycled Leather
you have many options: luggage, wallets, purses, jackets, pants, skirts, shoes, belts, gloves and furniture, are just to name a few items. Salvage the part of your item that is unworn and usable, refurbish it and then think about what new uses it may have. Larger pieces of leather can be used to recover chairs and tables; made into throw pillows, rugs; and then you can add a set of perfectly matching leather coasters. With smaller sections, you could make a trendy purse, fashionable skirt, work gloves or even bind a book. Strips of leather can be braided into belts, bracelets and hair accessories; used to wrap worn out handles on tools, golf clubs, and baseball bats;
girls pink timberland boots A Guide to Recycled Leather
or replace the straps on a purse or wristwatch.

timberland white boots A guide to Minnesota’s best shoe brands

timberland ladies snow boots A guide to Minnesota’s best shoe brands

Red Wing Shoe Co. was founded in 1905 by Charles Beckman, a shoe merchant based in Red Wing, Minn. The company originally manufactured high quality work boots for tough industries such as mining, logging and farming. They also created footwear for soldiers during World Wars I and II. Foot Tanning Co. In 2008, Red Wing capitalized on its growing popularity as a fashion item and debuted its Heritage catalog, which features fashion styles not intended for hard labor. And it recently introduced a line of women boots.

Patti Steger learned how to make mukluks and moccasins during an Arctic dog sled expedition in the early 1980s with her former husband, famed Arctic explorer Will Steger. Her teachers were the Native women they encountered in villages along the way. In 1985, she began making the traditional footwear out of her home. Then, three years later, she opened the first Steger Mukluks factory and retail store in Ely, Minn. Twice as warm and half the weight of traditional winter boots, Steger Mukluks are rated for extreme weather meaning minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit and colder making them a popular choice for expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctica. In recent years, the brand has begun to offer trendier options for women, men and kids, including styles trimmed in faux fur and American Indian inspired tapestry.

After enjoying a wave of popularity in 2008, when celebs such as Kate Moss were spotted wearing the brand lace up, knee high boots, Minnetonka Moccasin has dipped its toe into the high end fashion market. Over the past year, it debuted buzzed about collaborations with designer Rebecca Minkoff and cult brand Opening Ceremony, producing styles covered in colorful Swarovski crystals. Minnetonka Moccasin was founded in 1946 by Philip Miller,
timberland white boots A guide to Minnesota's best shoe brands
selling moccasins as gift shop souvenirs to cater to roadside tourists. Back then, a pair of moccasins set you back $3.80. Today prices start at $40.95 for moccasins and $99.95 for boots. The fourth generation, family owned business has since expanded to manufacture trendy knee high boots, slippers and sandals made from premium deerskin, sheepskin, moosehide, cowhide and shearling in its Minnetonka factory.

Chanel gets all the credit for kicking off the clog craze by introducing its platform mule variation in 2010. But Chisago City based Sven Clogs has been producing the classic Swedish footwear since 1974. Its sheepskin is imported from Austria. And every shoe is handcrafted in its Chisago City factory. Though Sven Clogs still produces traditional Swedish styles, it also offers fashion forward twists on the classics, such as high heeled mules, 1970s inspired sandals and metallic finishes.

Founded in 2012, Lanona Shoe Co. hasn been around as long as the other Minnesota shoe companies, but it well on its way to becoming a heritage brand. Founder Ben Ransom was inspired after ordering a pair of custom made shoes. Four years later, his company offers fresh takes on men classics, such as workwear boots, boat shoes, moccasins, drivers, even a leather slide. Everything is designed at Lanona Lowertown workshop, where shoppers can view more than 30 customizable, vegetable dyed leather hides. Everything is handcrafted in factories in Maine and New York. Available in unconventional colors including deep Mahogany and hunter green,
timberland white boots A guide to Minnesota's best shoe brands
Lanona prices range from $145 to $380 but that a bargain for this level of quality and craftsmanship.

timberland leeds A Great Choice

timberland boat shoes uk A Great Choice

Sports apparel from Nike seems to be the most popular around. They offer not only stylish apparel choices but also garments designed to give comfort and fit all the time. But the most popular of Nike’s line of sports apparel are the shoes, particularly used in running. Running has provided both excellent exercise and stress relief for most people. In order to get the most out of the sport in terms of fitness and comfort, it s important to have the right running gear that Nike can provide. These were a quality sneaker intended for sportswear sales, being introduced into a market where such footwear was gaining popularity. Initially the Air Force One shoe line was a plain white shoe available in either a low cut or a high top. In 1986 Michael Jordan was contracted for marketing and took to the courts wearing red and black Nike Air Force Ones, which have become a trademark shoe for him since that time. The most unique feature of the Air Jordan line though was in the Nike Air technology. This allowed for a design that brought extra air into the sole of the shoe, creating a better cushion for the foot of the wearer. All of the Air Jordan shoes had this technology, but it became much more visible in the later lines. In these designs a squeezable shoe ‘pump’ was installed into the tongue of the shoe.
timberland leeds A Great Choice

timberland boot company uk A good pair of brogues is the sign of a man with soul

leather timberland boots A good pair of brogues is the sign of a man with soul

We all know, courtesy of Imelda Marcos and Cinderella, the pivotal role shoes play in women wardrobes. Rather less is spoken, however, of men attachment to lace ups.

I presume this is because while women flirt with a harem of heels, boots and flatties, a chap love for his favourite pair of Church forms a deeper, quieter tale of steadfast devotion. The further a shoe carries a man in adult life, the more profound his affection for it. When a woman shoe is worn to pieces like the over waltzed pumps of the 12 dancing princesses they jilted as swiftly as a disappointing suitor. But woe betides the wife who tries to bin her husband ancient Oxfords, or his moth eaten slippers: these are favourite retainers that have taken years to mould to his splayed toes and callouses.

Nowhere is this bond clearer than in the Northampton workshop of Edward Green. I managed to wangle my way into this leather perfumed sanctum courtesy of a documentary on footwear I was researching and presenting for Radio 4. The room is where some of the country handsomest and priciest brogues take shape, guided by the steady hands and beady eyes of a dozen female artisans. None beadier than supervisor Julie. She drew out the files she had compiled of the repairs she made to loyal customers shoes, which often arrived on her worktop with beseeching letters.

Here were men who couldn bear to be parted from gaffer taped brogues for more than a week, and a wife who had had her spouse 30 year old faithfuls rejuvenated for his 60th birthday. A photograph of the glossy chestnut flanks of the finished result seemed miraculous. But, then, miracles are Julie speciality. She showed me the carapaces of shoes so cracked and mummified you wouldn have been surprised to learn they been dug up alongside Richard III.

Julie was particularly tender with the inner show, peeling it aside to reveal how the toes would fill up with animal hairs. can always tell, she said, owns a cat, or a Border Terrier. She also showed me how the owner foot left such a singular imprint on the shoe internal architecture that you could pretty much judge his weight and height and whether he had a limp or moved swiftly. All this painstaking archaeology made sense of the fact that cherished boots can feel like receptacles for the soul, as much as the sole, or that our superstitious forebears often concealed shoes behind loose bricks in fireplaces, or under floorboards, to combat evil spirits.

Most compelling was the pride that Julie took in her forensic work. She believed that a well crafted man lace up was an objet of infinite superiority to a flimsy woman stiletto not just because of the 400 odd procedures involved in the construction of a fine shoe. Mind you, such craftsmanship is now a rarity: in the 1831 Census there were 1,281 shoemakers in Northampton, now just a handful of companies are left.

This is not only a blow to British industry, it a blow to our masculinity. Cheap shoes look slobbish and make men shuffle. Indeed, most females I know readily confess to a hefty degree of prejudice when it comes to men shoes. I know I could never love a man who favours slip ons, while one close friend confesses her bugbear is pointy shoes a spiv in a Graham Greene novel

Only one thing is certain: no man can go wrong with a decent pair of brogues. Prospective fiances and employers alike look upon the properly shod male with a clement eye. No chap should begrudge the outlay; after all, they get decades out of the brutes if they pack off to Julie.
timberland boot company uk A good pair of brogues is the sign of a man with soul

uk timberland a good low credit score louboutin

timberland mens bromilly boots a good low credit score louboutin

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uk timberland a good low credit score louboutin

timberland fashion boots A Get Smart Style Shoe Phone gen 2

womens knee high timberland boots A Get Smart Style Shoe Phone gen 2

Step 1: Buy Yourself a Nice Pair of ShoesThe most important characteristic for the shoes is that they have an old style wooden heel, or at least one that is removable, since that is an option too. It is also helpful if the sole is reasonably robust.Step 2: Get a Suitable Mobile Phone and Bluetooth Headset.Now, this shoe phone works by having a bluetooth headset in one shoe, and a mobile phone in the other. This makes it easier if you end up with a metalic lid on the heel, since a phone with an internal antenna would probably be too shielded to operate. The V620 works fairly well, but with two annoying caveats: (1) it doesn’t do bluetooth if you put a 64KB SIM in (took a while to figure that out); and (2) when on bluetooth you can’t use a custom ring tone, instead it always uses the default ring tone. This was a bit disappointing, because it feels like a shoe phone should have a real telephone type ring tone. On the upside, it does voice dialing, which means you can ring out from the bluetooth shoe. Anyway, enough analysis of the V620. As for bluetooth headsets, I used a Motorola H500, the same as I did with my first shoe phone. The H500 proved itself to be a good basis for a shoe phone. The heel can be made from three pieces of wood that form the sides and rear of the heel. I can heartily recommend this method. You might need to cut some notches in the padding if you use a phone like the V620 that has buttons on the outside, otherwise it might press buttons while you walk. (This happened to me early on, with the result that my shoe left a message on my mobile phone, and would have made any spy service proud with the way it picked up the conversations around me. Of course, pretty much this trick has been used by the KGB since the 1950s.Step 4: Install the Electronics and Test. It really will be a case of try it and see. I’d try something like a Sony z310i for a small clam shell phone that has a classic phone ring built in, and definately still uses it when connected via bluetooth. I use a z310i in my pocket with the shoe phone when I can’t be botheredpulling the sim out and putting it in the Motorola v620 in the other shoe.They do X Ray shoes, and the shoe phone did go through the X Ray machines at Adelaide and Sydney International Airports without incident.You can see me talking with one of the security staff at Adelaide International Airport when I was randomly screened for explosives. Like most people, he was quite intrigued by the shoe phone, but saw no security issue. I wanted a photo of the shoes passing through the X ray machine, but the air safety rules prohibit it.A few weeks before I flew, I visited the airport and spoke to their security chief to ensure that it would all be fine. They ran the shoes through the machine then to confirm that it was all okay.When I did fly, I didn’t even pre warn Sydney Airport. All I did was tell the X ray operator that the shoes were shoe phones.However, even knowing that it was within the air safety rules to fly wearing a shoe phone, I decided against wearing it on the way out of the USA, since I understand that the TSA in the US are a bit more jumpy. While I am sure it would have all sorted out fine, I didn’t fancy being delayed for hours or days while it was resolved.
timberland fashion boots A Get Smart Style Shoe Phone gen 2

timberland boots size 8 A Georgia mother battles opioids to win back her kids

timberland boots for men cheap A Georgia mother battles opioids to win back her kids

ELLIJAY, Georgia The First Baptist Church auditorium was filling with an expectant crowd, friends and family who had been through so much. Kim Silvers’ three young daughters were there, all dressed up and eager for the graduation, hoping to mark the end of years of heartache visited on them all by their mother’s addiction.

They had begged her to stop using opioids and heard her promise to do so, only to break that vow over and over. They’d cried when she abandoned them, and again when they were split apart and sent to three different foster homes. Then their mother signed on for a rigorous court run treatment program her best, last chance to avoid the permanent loss of her children.

On this Tuesday evening, the program’s culmination was at hand. The would be graduates just had one final duty: providing another batch of urine samples to be drug tested. “We hold them accountable to the end,” case manager Jackie Bramlett said.

Across the United States, the opioid epidemic has caused tragedies too numerous to count. One bitter way to quantify the scourge is the documented spike in the number of children removed from the custody of addicted parents. One of the most dramatic increases has been in Georgia, where the foster care population soared from about 7,600 in September 2013 to more than 13,700 as of August. Parental substance abuse of all kinds, the state says, now accounts for about 40 per cent of foster care entries.

In response, family drug courts like the program Silvers entered have been spreading nationwide.

Looking back, Silvers says drugs had so taken over her life that she’d likely be dead without this type of help the constant monitoring and testing, mandatory classes in parenting, curfews and court appearances, jail time for infractions. There were times when she desperately wanted to quit the program.

“I never thought I would have 30 days clean, you know?” the 34 year old mother confides. “And once I had 30 days, and six months, it wasn’t an option. . I knew I had to do this for my girls. I knew there was a better purpose for my life.”

Substance abuse cast a shadow on Silvers’ life from her girlhood in this mountainous area of north Georgia; both her parents were alcoholics. By the time she turned 22, Silvers and a boyfriend were parents to three little girls: Emily, Kelsey and Allison. She started drinking heavily herself after Allie, her youngest, was born in 2005, and intoxication led to drug addiction. After Silvers took a drunken plunge from a second story window and shattered her pelvis, a doctor prescribed the painkiller Percocet, which contains the opioid oxycodone.

“My body grew so dependent on it,” Silvers recalls. “I had to have as much of it as I thought I could.”

She tried other drugs, often in a fruitless quest to replicate “that first high.” Several times a week, her daughters would find her passed out.

Emily, the oldest, remembers a mother who often seemed drowsy, sometimes drooling. “I didn’t want to see her like that,” she says, “and to see my sisters, how they were sad.”

On school days, Silvers would often rouse herself from bed to find that Emily, then about 11, had woken the younger girls, organized breakfast, and gotten everyone on the bus to school. Laundry chores often fell to Emily, too. “I just wanted to be a kid,
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” says the daughter, who is 16 now and whose mother allowed her to be interviewed.

Silvers would promise to stop using, break that promise, then lie and tell her daughters that doctors had instructed her to keep taking medication. Eventually, Silvers wrecked her car and split with the children’s father. She went to live with a relative who kept her supplied with painkillers leaving her daughters with their paternal grandmother, who called child welfare officials when Silvers failed to return.

In November 2013, the girls were removed from Silvers’ custody and at first taken in by a cousin, then placed by the state in different homes. Allie wound up having to move around 14 times, and saw her mother only about once a month. Emily and Kelsey, who also were separated, visited with Silvers maybe once a week.

“Every night,” Emily remembers, “I’d cry.”

Months into the separation, Silvers was told by child welfare officials that Allie was in a hospital after an altercation with another girl at her group home. Then came a greater shock: The state threatened to terminate her parental rights. Silvers entered the Appalachian Judicial Circuit’s treatment program that very day March 17, 2014.

The goal of the two year program is simple to summarize but not easy to achieve: to stop substance abuse by parents at risk of losing permanent custody of their kids.

“We call it a voluntary program, but if the state has your children, it’s not completely voluntary,” says Judge Jan Wheeler, who oversees the effort. But he said those programs reach less than 20 per cent of the population that needs them.

In the Georgia program, participants sign a contract binding them to 32 commitments. curfew. Random drug tests occur five or six times a week. Meetings of Narcotics Anonymous or similar groups are mandatory. Court appearances come every two weeks.

Participants must get a job and attend classes on topics like relapse prevention and “moral recognition therapy.”

Failing to meet requirements brings sanctions, up to possible expulsion. Along with its 93 graduates over the years, the Appalachian circuit program has had 98 cases where participants quit or were expelled.

“It kind of breaks your heart,” says Jennifer Farmer, who heads the child welfare agency’s Ellijay office, recalling one couple who were abusing methamphetamine while living with their children in a tent in the woods. After repeatedly violating program rules, they were expelled and lost parental rights for the two youngest kids.

Kristen Gaddis works for the judicial district, guiding troubled participants after herself graduating from the program in 2014. She had wrecked her car three times in a single year, including once when her son, then 4, was with her. They were both unhurt but, Gaddis says, “Every time I took my kids in the car and I was high, they were in danger. It’s hard for a mother to own something like that.”

There was a lot that was hard for Silvers to own. “I had made so many broken promises, told so many lies,” she says.

She didn’t miss any of her visitations, though, and after a year she regained custody of her daughters while remaining in the program. It took longer for them to begin trusting her again.

“They stayed on me,” Silvers says. “‘Mom, you’re not going to the meeting tonight?’ Or, ‘Mom, you better make sure you’re home by curfew.’ It was them encouraging me along the way.”

There were setbacks. Silvers reunited with the girls’ father, but they feuded and she had him arrested. When he got out of jail, he kicked them all out of his house. They moved into a shelter, but it and Silvers’ job were in one county and the girls’ school in another. Unable to handle those logistics, she missed work and lost her job.

Some friends suggested Silvers try kratom to feel better. The herb, which can activate opioid receptors in the brain, is legal but forbidden along with other substances under the drug court rules. When a lab test discovered it,
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Silvers confessed and was allowed to stay in the program while taking an extra “relapse” class for six weeks.

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timberland classic boots sale A friendship bound

He was 88 and had been my friend for all of my adult life. Many others will also make this claim, and it will all be true.

The first time I found out about him was when I was watching the TV news in my parent’s home on Long Island. He was barking at an off screen TV news producer as he was preparing to read a commentary on Channel 5 in New York City.

“No, I won’t put it out,” he said of the cigarette in his hand and started to read, puffs of smoke gathering around him as if in a barroom on Queens Boulevard where he so often held court.

My father and I listened to Jimmy rail against the rich and powerful and how the little guy kept getting smaller. My father was a cab driver and would pull in the driveway every night with his eyeballs falling out of his head from 12 hour days behind the wheel in Queens.

Dan Herbeck, Jimmy Breslin and Lou Michel

“You know he never forgot where he came from.” My dad’s words were casual, but they slapped my ears hard. My parents would have nine, but Jimmy and Rosemary proved themselves no slouches, starting off with twins and four more after that.

“What’s it like to have twins?” my mother, Mary, asked him one night when they were out.

“Like waking up every night in the middle of a train wreck.”

Soon after I watched Jimmy on the TV news, I started at Nassau Community College in a program for kids who had not done well in high school and were poor. When I later learned Jimmy bragged that it took him five years to graduate high school, I idolized him.

At Nassau, I found my home at the school newspaper. When it was announced that Jimmy Breslin would be speaking at the college, I begged for the assignment.

After he finished his talk, I walked up to him outside the student union and timidly said, “I think you know my dad, Lou Michel.”

“Louie’s son.” So it was really true. Jimmy never forgot where he came from.

We talked and I finally confessed: “You know, Jimmy, I have never read any of your books.”

He looked at me very seriously and said, “You better start or I’ll kick you in the (expletive)!”

I laughed out loud. Years later, my own son Chris,
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an aspiring journalist, would also seek out Jimmy and find him.

Before Jimmy and I parted company outside the student union, I asked, “Can I visit you at your house sometime and show you my articles from the college paper? Get some advice?”

Jimmy wrote down his address in Forest Hills.

I brought with me a series I wrote on child abuse. It told of a New England summer camp I worked at where rich kids were dumped by their parents. I also went into some of New York City’s poorest neighborhoods where children, in poverty, were abandoned. My point was children needed love, no matter their background.

God, I wanted to be just like Jimmy.

But when I got to his house, it was barely an afterthought. I could hardly wait to tell him how on a ride along with two police officers in a very rough neighborhood, we had answered a 911 call in a tenement and were almost impaled.

“The cops knocked on the door and this guy swings it open, holding a sword. You should a seen how the cops drew their guns, Jimmy!”

No bullets flew that day, but in retelling the story to Jimmy, a lifelong friendship bound by the burning of shoe leather began.

A couple times, I overshot the mark with Jimmy. On one memorable occasion, I had called him maybe seven or eight times on a Saturday afternoon when he was pounding out a Sunday column for the New York Daily News. I wanted to tell him about a guy who grew up in North Tonawanda and had a book coming out exposing how Sen. Ted Kennedy got away with murder in the drowning death of Mary Jo Kopechne in Massachusetts.

Jimmy screamed at me to stop bugging him and slammed down the receiver.

Damore’s book, “Senatorial Privilege: The Chappaquiddick Cover up,” became an instant best seller. I resisted the urge to call Jimmy and say, “I told you so.” Ever faithful time healed what words could not, and Jimmy and I were back on friendly terms.

When fellow Buffalo News reporter Dan Herbeck and I were getting ready to go on a book tour to promote our New York Times best seller, “American Terrorist: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing,” Jimmy called my home and my wife told him the name of the New York City hotel where we were staying.
timberland ladies walking boots A friendship bound