timberland boots 6 And How to Find Them

timberland girls boots And How to Find Them

Ok, if you’ve seen them, you know what I mean: those odd looking “toe shoes” or thin shoes with all the toes separated, like you might see on rainbow socks or funny kid’s slippers. There’s nothing funny about these toe shoes though, when it comes to using them for barefoot running or other sports: they can give you a serious advantage. The “separated toe shoes” you have seen around on barefoot runners and other outdoor enthusiasts are made by Vibram, the company that has been well known for years for making excellent boot and shoe soles. What you may not know is that Vibram makes their own line of shoes today called “Vibram Five Fingers” that are for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. They are also for barefoot enthusiasts people who love going barefoot, or maybe just remember what it felt like to go barefoot as a kid. Personally I wear these shoes with toes or “toe shoes” because I decided to start running barefoot and wanted to try the shoes being touted as “barefoot running shoes.” Starting to run barefoot was hard on my bare soles at first, and I found that I could do some mileage without shoes at all, then up my mileage for the day (without putting holes in my soles) by putting on some Vibram Five Fingers and running a few more miles. As one might expect, Vibrams fit your feet like gloves, and it does actually take a bit longer than putting on a regular pair of shoes to put them on, as you need to fit all your toes into the separate toe compartments in the toe shoes. But once they are on they feel wonderful and you have the advantage of being able to wiggle your toes, grip the ground, and your foot even becomes stronger wearing them because you are using muscles that just lay dormant inside of regular shoes. This is why I started running barefoot in the first place: a friend of mine had had surgery after he broke his back, and he started running barefoot because running in shoes was killing his back. His pain went away and he became a barefoot running convert then converted me. I had already decided to run across America at that point; I soon changed my goal to running across America barefoot and got some of the odd looking “toe shoes” my friend was wearing to get started. If you are thinking about getting started barefoot running, or you just want to feel that freedom you felt as a kid going barefoot all the time, you can find the only separated toe shoes on the planet at the Vibram Five Fingers website, or if you live in a large city you just might have a store that carries them (this is fairly rare just yet but try a running shoe store and you might be able to find them). There are several different models of toe shoes to choose from at Vibram, and the model you get depends on what you want to use them for. Personally I like the KSO model for barefoot running, because the top is closed and keeps the dirt out while you are moving fast. However there are other models that are better for casual walking or hotter weather. But who cares? My toes are comfy, and their toes are crammed into a tiny little space.
timberland boots 6 And How to Find Them

timberland portsmouth and how the scene it was taken in looks today

childrens timberland and how the scene it was taken in looks today

A lot has changed in Paris since the first photograph showing a human being was taken on its streets more than 175 years ago but if you took one today using the same technique, you probably wouldn’t be able to make out anybody at all.

Louis Daguerre’s view of the Boulevard du Temple in the French capital was captured in 1938, using a method the daguerreotype that took around seven minutes to develop a single image.

Such a long exposure meant that anything moving around was not picked up. The only figure to stay still long enough was a man, on the corner of the street, who had stopped to have his shoes shined.

The picture came to fresh attention a few years ago when a University of Rochester report suggested wrongly that new analysis of 1840s photographs in Cincinnati showed the first humans.

Daguerre’s image of Boulevard du Temple, Paris, 3rd arrondissement,
timberland portsmouth and how the scene it was taken in looks today
in 1838. The man having his shoes shined can be seen in the bottom left

Daguerre’s image was shown to refute this. Created using a chemically treated silver plate, it only shows anyone at all because the man stopped long enough to make history. Taking a daguerreotype in the same place today, it is unlikely anyone would be standing around having their shoes shined.

The man paused long enough to be picked up in the extreme long exposure photograph

The first photograph of any kind was made by Joseph Nicephore Niepcea in 1826 using a silver and chalk mixture that created too blurry an image.

Boulevard du Temple in Paris, as it looks today

Daguerre’s technique was the first to produce a sharp image in a way that could be widely replicated, and his was the first photographic method to be adopted around the world. As with most daguerreotypes, that of Boulevard du Temple is a mirror image. It has been flipped at the top of the page to make a more direct comparison with today.

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timberland portsmouth and how the scene it was taken in looks today
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knee high timberland boots and his mullet visit DMan’s World videos

timberland tackhead boots and his mullet visit DMan’s World videos

CLEVELAND, Ohio Colorado Rockies center fielder Charlie Blackmon is more than a colorful character equipped with flowing locks and a beard large enough to have its own room numbers.

Blackmon can play. He is batting .333 with 27 homers, 74 RBI and 102 runs for the Rockies, who are 65 49 and hold one of the National League’s wild card spots. Blackmon’s on base percentage + slugging percentage is a tidy 1.004.

Before the Rockies opened a two game series against the Indians on Tuesday night at Progressive Field, Blackmon visited DMan’s World. Three hours later, Blackmon hit Corey Kluber’s second pitch of the first inning for a homer. It was the game’s only run until the Tribe scored four with two outs in the ninth inning, capped by Yan Gomes’ three run blast.

On Wednesday afternoon, Blackmon went 3 for 6, including a homer off Zach McAllister in the 12th inning to make it 3 2. The Rockies won by that score.

DMan’s World: Genesis of the beard?

Charlie Blackmon: Honestly, I was trying to be a little bit rebellious. I just decided that I was going to do what I felt like doing. I went to Australia on vacation after the 2013 season, was there for three weeks, and I stopped shaving. When I came back, I had a little bit off a beard. I kind of liked it, so I kept going with it to see where it would go. And here we are, a few years later. Haven’t shaved it since.

DW: Has anyone ever called you “Yukon Cornelius?

CB: Is that the guy from the animated Christmas movie (Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer)?

CB: I actually have been called that. A few times.

DW: I take it you are under pressure from Rockies Nation not to shave?

CB: It’s kind of a thing, and I like it. I’m not going to say I’m captive to my beard, but for now it works, and it’s kind of a look,
knee high timberland boots and his mullet visit DMan's World videos
so I’ll stick with it.

DW: What about the flowing locks that accompany?

CB: I just like having a mullet. Simple as that.

DW: You played multiple sports in high school. Greatest achievement as a prep athlete?

CB: I didn’t do anything amazing in high school, to be honest. In my senior year, I hit my first over the fence homer. That’s probably the coolest thing I did. It took me 17 years to hit a baseball over the fence, but I finally did it.

DW: Most memorable MLB game, other than debut?

CB: It happened when I made the team for the first time out of camp with my beard, in 2014. I was a reserve outfielder. We opened with four in Miami, then came home to play the Diamondbacks. I started the home opener, batted leadoff and went 6 for 6.

CB: That was the break out party for 2014. Having a game like that got me some more ABs, and I was able to build off it.

DW: Your academic credentials include a degree from Georgia Tech in finance/business. Most memorable class of your academic career?

CB: I think the class where I grew the most as a person was: calculus in junior college from Dr. Bob Nichols. Incredible professor. He was at Georgia Tech for years and years, then went to the junior college where I was (Young Harris College). Super genius guy who really pushed his students. That probably was the hardest course I’ve ever taken, but I also got the most out of it.

DW: Will you put the college degree to use after your playing days are over?

CB: Maybe. I interned with a financial advising company for a couple of off seasons when I was in the minors, because I didn’t know if I was going to be a baseball player. I liked it, but I don’t know if I willingly will go to a 9 to 5 desk job if I don’t have to. I hope to do something productive, but it will come after lots of travel and fishing and vacationing.

CB: I guess the most significant fish I’ve caught, in terms of most difficult, is a 48 1/2 inch muskie in Green Bay. It’s the one and only muskie I’ve ever caught, and I can’t really appreciate it because I’m not really a muskie fisherman. I just went for one trip and got super lucky. I realize how hard those fish are to catch.

I grew up bass fishing but haven’t really caught a monster large mouth. Now I’m really into fly fishing. My goal this summer was to catch a 20 inch trout, and I caught a couple of them at 19 inches on the Dream Stream in the Rocky Mountains.

DW: Your reputation is as one of the friendliest,
knee high timberland boots and his mullet visit DMan's World videos
most accommodating players in the game. Who gets the most credit for that?

CB: I’m very thankful to have grown up with more than we needed. Two great parents. I had a very nice family life. My mom taught me how to treat people well. I think it’s important to treat people well because it just as easily could be you in their shoes.

mens timberland boat shoes and glam parties

timberland boat and glam parties

The whole “shop within a shop” concept has gotten pretty popular around here as of late; D. Nolo in the North Loop is a great example of the whole “minishop” thing. Now, the MOA is joining in on the fun with Debut, a shop featuring a revolving door of designers and brands. The stores within the store will change on a regular basis, so shoppers are constantly exposed to a bunch of different offerings. First up? Askov Finlayson, Woolrich, and West Elm LOCAL. Debut will open on November 18. Also new at the MOA? A TOMs shoe store and Wilson’s Leather. Wait, Wilson’s Leather is back? Debut, 125 N. Garden, Mall of America.

Avant Garden at the Walker Art Center

It’s not exactly a shopping event, but the Walker Art Center’s annual Avant Garden bash is the kind of occasion to get really dressed up for. Since the Sculpture Garden itself is undergoing a facelift, this year’s party will be held inside, partially to celebrate the new main lobby. It’s not cheap; a Silver Key ticket will run you $125, but you do get three drink tickets and a chance to participate in the art auction. If you’re attending the event, what will you be wearing? Come to think of it, this calls for a trip to the MOA Saturday, Nov. to midnight. Tickets available online.
mens timberland boat shoes and glam parties

timberland earthkeeper city and Clear Worth the Money

cheap mens timberland boots uk and Clear Worth the Money

Road warriors swear by traveler programs that essentially give you lane access through airport security. Until recently, however, there hasn been much reason for the average twice yearly vacation to put in the time and pay the fees to apply for these programs. Times may have changed, though.

With rising delays at many major airports and the summer travel season still on the horizon it might be worth taking a closer look at your options, so you don have to spend any more of your hard earned vacation time cooling your heels in TSA lines than absolutely necessary.

Travelers have been complaining lately about lines at many major airports that can take literally hours to get through, causing backups that makes large numbers of people miss flights and need to be rebooked. Delta even offered to pitch in and help with screenings, seeing that the TSA is obviously overwhelmed. The site encourages people to Tweet or post photos to Instagram with IHatetheWait too.

Unfortunately, experts predict things are only going to get worse before they gets better. So less frequent travelers might think about paying extra to save some time at the airport especially people who plan to travel with young kids this summer.

of the arguments for casual travelers is yes, you don travel a lot, so it might not be worth it to pay to save time at the airport, said travel technology consultant Max Rayner. are you sure you want to spend that extra half hour attempting to manage children?

The two most well known programs are TSA Precheck and Global Entry. For both programs, you start the process online and have to complete an in person interview before getting approved. Another program, Clear, will speed you past the ID check line, although it won get you through security or customs any faster.

Which program is right for you? depends on an individual travel profile, domestic versus international, which international markets and their appetite for waiting around aimlessly, said airline industry consultant Robert Mann. Here are some critical details about each.

There are currently about 160 airports in the United States that have Precheck lanes, and the following domestic and Canadian airlines participate in the program: Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, United Airlines, WestJet Airlines, Virgin America and Air Canada. airport to another country.

If you travel as a family,
timberland earthkeeper city and Clear Worth the Money
Precheck has one very helpful perk: Kids 12 and under don need their own separate Precheck. Once they hit their teen years, though, they need their own memberships.

The other big perk of Precheck can be thought of as a quality of life attribute. the time saved not waiting in line is the security screening itself. It takes literally half the time, said travel analyst Henry Harteveldt. Passengers who go through security in a Precheck lane don have to take laptops or liquids out of their bags, or remove shoes, belts and jackets.

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is useful if you prefer to minimize your airport dwell time on departure, Mann said. Of course, he added, is] assuming the Precheck lane is open when you arrive, and that TSA isn stuffing it with passengers who are not Precheck members, which slows down throughput dramatically, since they do not understand the protocol. Clear

One drawback to TSA Precheck is that long security lines make it look appealing to more travelers and the more people participating, the longer those designated Precheck queues are going to be. TSA agents also can, at their discretion, direct non Precheck passengers into Precheck lanes when lines are out of control.

If you plan to go overseas frequently, consider Global Entry: It expedites the waiting at customs when you come back into the country, as well as at land and water borders. To apply, you need to list every foreign destination where you traveled in the past five years, and enrollment costs $100 and lasts five years.

Global Entry comes with TSA Precheck perks, but keep in mind that while TSA Precheck can get your kids through airport security with you, they need their own Global Entry pass (which requires having a passport) to zip through customs.

Of course, that provided your home airport is set up for Global Entry. airports that have Global Entry kiosks.

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Americans with Global Entry also can be eligible for quick customs clearance into the Netherlands, South Korea, Panama, and Mexico, although each of those requires a separate application, since you be entering through their version of the program. There are also two other programs somewhat similar to Global Entry called NEXUS and SENTRI, which are useful for travelers who frequently travel to Canada and Mexico, respectively.

The other caveat about applying for Global Entry as opposed to Precheck is that anecdotal reports suggest it can take considerably longer to get the necessary in person interview slot to complete your application.

All things considered,
timberland earthkeeper city and Clear Worth the Money
travel experts call enrolling in one of these programs even if you only have a few flights in your future a no brainer if you want to avoid the worst of the airport congestion.

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girls timberland boots AND ARGUES THAT DISCO WAS MORE CHIC

timberland splitrock black AND ARGUES THAT DISCO WAS MORE CHIC

Imagine, if you will, the sight of late ’70s era, mustachioed Jack Nicholson in a pair of black roller skates with green neon tubing. Now, Truman Capote enters the room, “with his bizarre Big Easy lisp, big floppy hat and dark glasses, and nonexistent posture.”

Keep your eyes peeled, because Margaret Trudeau is dancing “sans underwear.” And look! There’s Bianca Jagger riding in on a white horse, “led by a naked man ‘wearing’ a body painted tuxedo.” All the while, high energy dance music thumps from the ceiling like quick kicks to cranium.

“Although punk and disco were often seen as sworn enemies,” writes Shapiro, “in many ways they were actually allies. Both the mainstream white rock community and the black community alienated, and were alienated by, disco and punk. In different ways, both genres celebrated and openly mocked the spectacle of rock’s bloated, rotting corpse.”

Of course, there are other, far less, shall we say, respectful takes on disco. “Disco is as identifiable a commodity as ‘smile’ buttons and just as vital,” wrote the late, great Lester Bangs.

The scope of Shapiro’s project, no less than the history of a genre, demands a scatterbrained, quick dip in the water and out again approach, meaning one cannot get too stuck on characters (in the truest sense of the word) such as Sylvester, a gospel performer turned falsetto voiced disco diva, a man who, often dressed as woman, created “a new sonic lexicon powerful, campy and otherwordly enough to articulate the exquisite bliss of disco’s dance floor utopia.”

Then there are the parties. Yes, Studio 54 is chronicled in detail, with a 21 year old Alec Baldwin serving drinks to everyone from Roy Cohn to the omnipresent Andy Warhol, and a coke spoon the size of a coffin lowered from the ceiling. And he reports in depth how the music gave a voice and a vision to post Stonewall gay America, and emerged from the dark depths of early ’70s New York City, a time of race riots and swelling bureaucracy. Or, “the legendary ‘Roller Disco’ double episode of ‘ChiPs’ (with guest stars like Leif Garrett, Jim Brown, Fred Williamson, F Troop’s Larry Storch and MASH’s Larry Linville).”

Even though it would be easy, Shapiro does not linger on the lame. One reason for the book’s success is that he treats the music, its often drug crazed creators and the strange assorted hangers on with respect and admiration.

He places tunes such as Chic’s “Good Times” under the microscope, and with precision, sees the lyrics as more than a clarion call for partying, but as “liberalism’s last hurrah, the final party before the neocon apocalypse.” In Shapiro’s eyes, Chic, the makers of such disco staples as “Le Freak,” “were articulating the sense of impending doom that lay behind their death march: ‘A rumor has it that it’s getting late / Time marches on, just can’t wait / The clock keeps turning, why hesitate? / You silly fool, you can’t change your fate.’ ”

Another song studied with a detective’s eye is Public Image Limited’s great, nightmarish “Death Disco,” John Lydon’s post punk, post disco account of his mother’s death. ” ‘Death Disco’ revealed the darker truth about disco: It was a culture that was just as much on the brink as punk; its participants were equally trapped disco’s glitter queens and escapist working class teens were kicking against the pricks the only way they knew now.”

The presence of the former Johnny Rotten in a disco opus might seem surprising; here, Lydon’s presence makes as much sense as KC and the Sunshine Band (even Germany’s “Swing Kids” are profiled).

Shapiro’s efforts are also noteworthy for their brief trips into disco’s less obvious cousins, such as “the parallel universe” of Northern Soul, the United Kingdom’s Mod and Motown crazed soul scene of the mid to late ’60s. The rave like dance parties were fueled by rare records, many of which never achieved any semblance of commercial success on either side of the pond, stomping, sex and drug fueled shoulda been classics.

Out of this scene arises one of Shapiro’s fascinating, relatively unknown “discoveries:” Ian Levine, the son of wealthy Blackpool club owners and a Northern Soul staple. for Northern Soul club nights.

Levine began recoding his own soul influenced, quasi disco tunes in the ’70s, but “a faction of clubgoers started the ‘Levine Must Go Campaign,’ which culminated in Levine’s car being attacked by a mob that attempted to smash the windows.”

Such violence foreshadows disco’s darkest hour, the infamous “Disco Demolition Derby” that rocked Chicago’s Comiskey Park on July 12, 1979, “the most obvious harbinger of disco’s doom.” A radio promotion gone awry, it saw a crowd of 50,000 drunken teenagers and their equally asinine fathers who “were totally loaded and braying for blood like Romans at the Colosseum awaiting the Christians and the lions.”

The result? Oral sex on home plate, stolen bases (literally), and an explosion resulting in the destruction of 10,000 disco records. To Shapiro, this was the end of disco’s hold on the American populace, “the shot heard round the world.”

Studio 54 became a low key salon for yuppie networking, disco artists either dissolved or became novelty acts, the specter of AIDS moved in and the concept of disco itself the fashion, hairstyles and songs became the stuff of tiresome VH1 “irony.”

Yet dance music still rules the European pop charts, disco soundscapes continue to influence every genre from hip hop to electroclash to indie rock, and as rock bands such as Nickelback, Three Doors Down, Creed and countless other groupings of ugly, bearded white men continue to hog radio play, the joyful, absurdist abandon of the disco era doesn’t look so bad in comparison.

In fact, in retrospect, its sheer anything goes outlook seems pretty damn cool. Ask yourself, what is more entertaining: The shorts and baseball cap style of Fred Durst (already as dated as white bell bottoms and platform shoes) or the glittery falsetto of Sylvester? If the answer to that question isn’t obvious, it’s time to rethink your record collection.
girls timberland boots AND ARGUES THAT DISCO WAS MORE CHIC

discount timberland boots and Anyone Else Who Spends Hours on Their Feet

timberland boots and Anyone Else Who Spends Hours on Their Feet

No matter what your profession is, your feet will thank you for wearing comfortable shoes throughout the day. But footwear is especially important for people who work long shifts on their feet, such as nurses, healthcare workers, teachers, and restaurant workers.

“Anyone who spends a lot of time standing or walking should wear comfortable shoes that help to support the arch and provide cushion and shock absorption,” says New York City podiatrist Jacqueline Sutera. “This is necessary for overall health, not only for your feet but also for bigger joints in your knees, hips, and back.” What more, a supportive pair of shoes with lots of cushioning helps prevent “fat pad” atrophy, which occurs when the natural pad on the foot thins out over time, leading to pain and callous formation.

When shopping for comfy shoes to wear for a long day on your feet, Dr. Sutera recommends looking for footwear that has arch support, a shock absorbing bed, and plenty of cushioning. We polled nurses often spend 12 hours or more standing or rushing down hallways find out what they wear for their longest shifts. Here are the five super supportive pairs they swear by.

“My go to shoe for my 12 hours shifts. They provide great arch support, which prevents back pain. My favorite is the black patent leather because the material is so easy to clean off with a Clorox wipe when they get dirty. The only downside is that they are quite heavy, especially when you aren’t used to them. But overall I think they are the best shoe to keep your feet protected and comfortable during a long shift on your feet.”

Elizabeth Mounsey, NP, Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York City

“My go to shoe for my 12 hours shifts. They provide great arch support,
discount timberland boots and Anyone Else Who Spends Hours on Their Feet
which prevents back pain. My favorite is the black patent leather because the material is so easy to clean off with a Clorox wipe when they get dirty. The only downside is that they are quite heavy, especially when you aren’t used to them. But overall I think they are the best shoe to keep your feet protected and comfortable during a long shift on your feet.”

Elizabeth Mounsey, NP, Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York City

“I have been wearing Algeria clogs for years, and I love them. I suffer from pretty bad plantar fasciitis and they are by far the most comfortable shoes I have found for my 12 hour shifts.”

Jody Izzard, RN, North Florida Regional Hospital in Gainesville, Florida

Ashley Eckert, RN, North Florida Regional Hospital in Gainesville, Florida

“I have been wearing Algeria clogs for years, and I love them. I suffer from pretty bad plantar fasciitis and they are by far the most comfortable shoes I have found for my 12 hour shifts.”

Jody Izzard, RN, North Florida Regional Hospital in Gainesville, Florida

Ashley Eckert, RN, North Florida Regional Hospital in Gainesville, Florida

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discount timberland boots and Anyone Else Who Spends Hours on Their Feet
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timberland boots uk and a drug smuggler’s Testarossa

timberland cheap boots and a drug smuggler’s Testarossa

Before Bruce Meyer was a founding chairman of the Petersen Automotive Museum, before he made his fortune in Beverly Hills, before he snapped up fabulous machines spanning a century of automotive exoticism, vehicles rich in history and provenance, before that, he was just a freshman at Berkeley trying to hide his motorcycle from his father.

“My father hated motorcycles,” he explained. “Hated them. I used to race a Matchless in TT Scrambles, which predated motocross. Very casual. There were no safety requirements. You had to wear a helmet. ‘Course, I wore a jacket. Most people just had Levis and t shirts.”

“There was a Berkeley/USC football game before one of my races on Sunday. My friends and I, we’d all go to the motorcycle race after the game. A family friend saw me there and said to my parents, ‘It was real nice to see Bruce at the race!’ I’ll never forget that call, when he found out. He couldn’t speak, he was so livid. But I was 21, he couldn’t do anything about it.”

Now Meyer has a wall full of motorcycles. Not many people can tell him to do anything anymore, because he just does.

We at Autoweek really dig Meyer. It’s hard not to like someone as enthusiastic as him; someone who manages to be friendly and unpretentious, someone who even resembles Henry Winkler slightly. We love his boat: Miss Daytona, a 1929 hydroplane with a supercharged Miller engine that he bought in Michigan and shipped excuse the pun to California. We enjoy what he’s done to promote this sometimes bizarre hobby of ours: his nomination as an “Automotive Icon” certainly helped, but his boosterism of the Petersen Automotive Museum was a step toward opening the door for our own enthusiasm. We admire any guy who goes 200 mph at Bonneville. We like that he’s done Milles Italian and Californian. We like that his motto is “never lift.” We like his teeth.

But most importantly, we applaud his taste in cars.

To understand that taste in cars, we first have to find his garage. It’s a seemingly nondescript two story office building in the heart of Beverly Hills. From the outside, you’d never guess an oasis of car culture is tucked away on the second floor. Walk past the coffee shops. Go down the alley, past the parking garages. There is what looks like an aging brick facade with solid steel doors get in close, and you’ll see a perfect patina. The delivery drivers never give it a second glance. The tourists just walk on by.

The tourists have been walking on by for nearly a century; the collection inside is only the latest thing to occupy the building. In 1926, it was the first parking garage built in Beverly Hills. After World War II it was converted into a shoe warehouse, where Oxfords were stocked along side cap toes until 1968 when it was cleared out to serve the first of Meyer’s enterprises. It became a mail room and office, humming with Teletype machines and mail orders. At some point it was a call center, Teletypes chucked out for phone banks. Three years ago, Meyer turned the building back into a garage, celebrating his 70th birthday with a present to himself. He tends to do that.

“We obviously cleared everything out,” said Meyer. “I figured I’d be here six months. Well, long story short talked to my insurance guy and he asks me, ‘well, you got a sprinkler, right? You get one car that starts on fire, then the rest will catch on fire, and you’re done.’ I’m like, ‘you’re kidding me!’ Then, I figure I’d just get a Backyard Buddy, a simple two car lift or something. But then I realized, I’m bringing up 5,000 pound Duesenbergs.” He pointed to the lift, where a 1936 Bugatti Type 57 was perched. “That’s the top of a five story stack from New York City. I had to wait six months for them to build it. It looks diabolic. It’s serious structural stuff.”

Meyer initially wanted to keep his garage hidden, but over the last few months it has served as the backdrop for shows, interviews with enthusiasts like Jay Leno and Adam Carolla, and other affairs mostly auto related, but some otherwise. “Jeff Beck came in here a few weeks ago and he starts going like this,” said Meyer, and he started clapping, slowly, “And he goes, ‘my God, the acoustics in here are perfect! Can I record a song in here?'” He will be stopping by next month, recording a rendition of “Danny Boy.”

Bruce Meyer poses by his 1929 Bentley 4 1/2 Litre,:Bruce Meyer poses by his 1929 Bentley 4 1/2 Litre, which he rallied with the Louis Vuitton Classic. Photo credit: Mark Vaughn

Meyer’s garage has a minimalist aesthetic to it, almost as if it was an art gallery on Melrose. “People get so involved with clutter that you can’t even see the cars,” he said. “We made the commitment not to put anything on here. I see people come in, they go right for the bookshelf! They get so fixated on the crap on the walls.”

Visitors ignore the cars at their own peril. Because look at the cars! There’s a 1929 Duesenberg Model J, the one that Meyer waited six months for; it’s parked across from the 41 Porsche 935 K3 of Kremer Racing, which won Le Mans in 1979. Behind is another Porsche, a 356 Outlaw from before they were called “Outlaws.” Its 100 hp Porsche 912 engine has provided 12,000 worry free rallying miles. (Meyer’s first new car was a 356 as well, a 356B with chrome wheels in Signal Red. He paid $2,700 for it. This car? Worth a bit more.)

The number 14 Ferrari 250 GT SWB is a winner it won Le Mans, it won Monza, it came in second at Spa. Meyer bought it 12 years ago, when he turned 60 another birthday gift to himself. Meyer once said, “If you look at that wrong, it dents.” He doesn’t even want to think about how much it’s worth now.

Meyer is a hot rod kind of guy. He couldn’t turn down a 1932 Ford Hi Boy coupe, especially when it had a Gurney Weslake engine out of a GT40, which Meyer claimed was bought from ol’ Dan himself. Surprisingly, it’s here in Beverly Hills instead of at the Petersen’s hot rod collection that bears his name alongside another of his cars, the legendary Doane Spencer Roadster. That car came in first place in Pebble Beach’s inaugural hot rod class, helping disrupt Pebble Beach history forever when the fools decided to let the rodders in.

The Bentley, the 1929 4 Litre, is not a supercharged model, Meyer insisted. And it’s the real deal, too. “The blowers never won Le Mans. These won Le Mans. There’s so many replicas, they’re like Cobras: you just assume it’s a replica.” He’s owned it for three years, where it mostly spent time in Europe and participated in a 1,000 mile classic rally with Louis Vuitton. Then, he shipped it to Boston and completed a 600 mile tour. It runs like a top, said Meyer, a sentiment supported by his co driver and right hand man. Hell, they drove it to Pasadena just 10 days ago.

“I just happened to call on the exact right moment at the exact right day. They were about to sell it to this other guy, who just got too tricky. He over negotiated. The seller said, ‘It’s not for sale. Goodbye.'” Instead, Meyer bought it, sight unseen: “I sometimes find it easier to just go. You don’t negotiate.”

Bruce’s Testa Rossa was owned by Porsche dealer Jo:Bruce’s Testa Rossa was owned by Porsche dealer John von Neumann. Photo credit: Mark Vaughn

That doggedness led Meyer to acquire the gem of his collection: the 1957 Ferrari 250 TRC Testa Rossa, which to quote Hemmings is “one of the most successful privately campaigned Ferraris in history.” It had been driven by the likes of Richie Ginther, Phil Hill, Carroll Shelby, Ken Miles, and Jack Nethercutt. It was first owned by John von Neumann a race car driver and Ferrari’s top dealer in California who pulled the strings in Maranello to get the sonorous 2.5 liter V12 enlarged to 3.0 liters. Von Neumann’s hot rod, if you will. “So anything that’s called a hot rod has my attention,” said Meyer.

Meyer chased the Testa Rossa for 10 years. “I had every broker in Europe looking. Everyone was getting close, but they couldn’t find it. So after 10 years, I kinda gave up.”

As it turned out, the car had belonged to a drug dealer in the Netherlands.

Charles Zwolsman was more talented at smuggling hash from Morocco than he was at race car driving. When he was arrested in 1993, INTERPOL seized the car and stashed it away in an inflatable garage. Meyer thought he had the tip of a lifetime: “I’m on my way to Goodwood, 2001. And a friend of mine says, ‘The government’s doing an auction, and I think they’re gonna auction off that Testarossa.’ It was a sealed bid auction. It wasn’t nuts. I thought I was in the know, and I’m the only one who knows this car, so I’m gonna steal this thing.

“I’m leaving Thursday morning, and I say to Martin [Meyer’s attorney and broker] ‘Will you check the car for me?’ thinking I’m the only one who’s going to buy it. And I’m at Goodwood, and all of a sudden the word comes out. There’s a group of 15 cars with the Testarossa, and I’m like, ‘oh shit.’

“I tell Martin, you gotta add more money to it. I don’t want it to go away. At the auction, I see a note on the car from Martin, he says, ‘Empty your bank account, you’ve won the car.'”

Meyer had no idea how much he lucked out until he ran into another collector, who went up to him and immediately said, “You’ve won the Testarossa! You wanna sell it?” No, Meyer said, understandably. The collector replied, “Well, we were the underbidders.” Turns out, Meyer had only outbid him by $50,000 peanuts, really, at this rarefied level. “I ended up paying fair market value on it, which was a relief.”

If anything, the dogged pursuit of the Ferrari as well as the other cars, his home garage, the various awards scattered on his office walls, this entire space relates to Meyer’s favorite expression, which he informs us with a cheeky grin, is: “You’re never too old to have a happy childhood.”

Pretty good, Bruce, but we have a better one. A line that sums up this entire endeavor, his lifelong enthusiasm. On the corner of the bar inside Meyer’s garage lies a curved glass ashtray with a quote inscribed upon it that has been attributed to actress Mae West. It reads: “If a little is great, and a lot is better, way too much is just about right.”

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timberland boots uk and a drug smuggler's Testarossa

timberland earthkeepers 6 Ancient Rome Remains

childrens timberland Ancient Rome Remains

Ancient Rome remains one of the most fascinating and interesting cultures to date. Still studied by thousands of scholars all over the world, there are still many facets of the ancient society that remain a mystery. One of the many areas of study is the type of clothes these people wore, including what they wore on their feet. In this article, we will explore what types of shoes the ancient Romans wore, what they looked like and how they were made.

There were various types of shoes that the Romans wore, however, they most commonly consisted of boots or sandals. The boots looked like a regular boot that consisted of a leather sole, with long leather bands which wrapped around the wearer’s feet and legs. However, the feet and legs were never entirely covered, leaving squares of skin exposed. The sandals were similar to this, except they did not cover the wearer’s legs. Unlike today’s society, ancient Romans placed no emphasis on different styles for men or women. Other than the fact that the boots were worn primarily for soldier’s going to battle, there was no distinction between male and female styles. Instead, styles were specially designed for social class. For example, boots worn by older men, were not to be worn by young men. Slaves were never permitted to wear shoes at all, whereas criminals wore shoes unlike anything worn by any other citizen; they wore heavy wooden shoes as so they couldn’t escape as easily. People considered very respectable in the community wore shoes at all times and only removed them for important feasts, after slaves would go through elaborate feet washing rituals for them.

The reasons that Roman’s chose leather as their material of choice is because leather cuts easily without fraying,
timberland earthkeepers 6 Ancient Rome Remains
so the shoe maker could cut the thin pieces of leather for the straps without worrying about mending any split ends. However, just because the shoes were constructed of leather did not mean there was no skill involved in cutting the leather. Since Roman shoes were made up of extensively intricate designs, even one mis cut could mean the whole piece of leather would be useless.

The ancient Romans placed a lot of importance on the appearance of their footwear, as well as other aspects of their life, such as their roads, sculptures, clothing and kitchen supplies. This is just a brief introduction to ancient Roman shoes, but as you can see, as the Romans were a fascinating culture, and so were their shoes.

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Eric Garner

I did a Google search and came across your site. It was exactly what I was looking for and was elated to find such a broad range of articles. As I am launching a free magazine in a small town in Florida,
timberland earthkeepers 6 Ancient Rome Remains
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timberland boots pink Ancient Domains Of Mystery forums

timberland rigger boots Ancient Domains Of Mystery forums

How do you choose talents for your character? I’ve played this game for a better part of a decade and I’ve still not managed to make any decisions about talent’s usefulness.

If a spellcaster, i go for charged, beast of burden and treasure hunter and if i play any sorts of melee char then i get greased lightning and possibly some melee things along with the treasure hunter.

My last winner had golden tongue, stealthy sain(never prayed) and easily avoid wilderness encounters and i never saw any differences to same char with real talents.

How do you choose or rate what you’re getting every 3 levels?

Good Learner Best talent in the game. You gain a lot more than 2% extra experience. Can afford to take this in the mid game, tho, or you may be rushed in the pyramid.

Long Stride I very often take this one early on. Outrunning most enemies makes the early game much easier.

Heir Gift Great for Bards. Barbarian and Thief gifts are okay. Rest aren’t worth 3 talents.

Magic Talents Not a fan. The effects are so insignificant. the vaunted Charged talent is like +1 PP/50 turns iirc. The book caster talents can be worth it for semi casters.

I like to take careful>quick>defensive fighter for either fighter classes or mage classes, I ignore these for archers. If my fighter starts with good pv and a shield i favour the shield specialist branch because its easier to train shields if most of your dv comes from a shield, which can ammount to quite a bit.

for casters i find that its easier to survive with the dv yielding talents and also the long stride talent. I favour dv over pv, only because anything can get past pv on a critical hit.

I usually pick talents for dv to start with,
timberland boots pink Ancient Domains Of Mystery forums
then i move to long stride or the archery talents if i dont have magic abilities.

I’m under the impression that initial talents will help you survive the early game, but after that its all about what you have to work with. If things dont go as planned then pick the talents that complement your skills, spells, and equipment.

I’ve found that shield talents are more or less useless for my game style. There is no one handed weapon in the game that deals enough damage after the midgame or hits well enough. Even a highly smithed of penetration weapon is useless when compared to a eternium two handed sword(which actually tops most of the artifact weapons). Higher level monsters will hit you regardless of DV and staying in close range for long is never a good idea.

This does not apply for a char that uses nothing but spellcasting. For pure spellslinger a dv as high as possible is the best bet.

vogonpoet, why skip TH? I think that 50% more spellbooks is good for a spellcaster and 50% more weapons and armor really makes a difference with everyone else.

[Edited 1 time, last edit on 6/20/2009 at 06:17 (GMT 5) by Jhonka]

“I’ve found that shield talents are more or less useless for my game style. There is no one handed weapon in the game that deals enough damage after the midgame or hits well enough. ”

Heh, I have found the opposite. A decent one handed melee weapon is enough to finish the game with and high DV renders you almost invulnerable. Two handed weapons, esp. non polearms, leave you extremely vulnerable.

timberland boots pink Ancient Domains Of Mystery forums
why skip TH? I think that 50% more spellbooks is good for a spellcaster and 50% more weapons and armor really makes a difference with everyone else.”