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jd timberland boots Barack Obama on Vacation Timeline

Before he left the White House, Barack Obama said he planned on taking his wife away on a nice vacation. He since made good on that promise, several times over.

Since President Trump inauguration on Jan. 20, the former First Couple have gone paddleboarding, hung out with Tom Hanks on a yacht and taken in the sights in Tuscany, Italy. Obama has also gone kite surfing with billionaire Richard Branson, spoken with young leaders in Chicago and paid a visit to his home state of Hawaii.

The vacations have not gone unnoticed, in part because Obama is in an unusual position. After leaving the White House, former President George W. Bush returned to Texas and mostly avoided the limelight, following in his father footsteps. Former President Bill Clinton moved to the side as Hillary Clinton Senate career became the family focus.

But Obama, who left the White House with a 59% approval rating, retains something of a celebrity status that has brought media attention to their vacations. home, here a definitive list of where they have traveled around the globe.

The Obama staff declined to comment on President Obama vacation spots.

Jan. 20: Barack and Michelle Obama depart the White House and head to Rancho Mirage, Calif.

After President Trump inauguration, the former First Couple bid adieu to the White House and boarded Marine One, a significant moment that President Obama photographer, Pete Souza, captured on Instagram. The Obamas traded winter coats for sunglasses as they traveled to Southern California. They stayed at the home of designer Michael S. Smith and James Costos, former ambassador to Spain and Andorra, according to Coastal Living.

Barack Obama and Richard Branson enjoy a day on the water

A little friendly competition is healthy now and again. While still on Necker Island, Obama took to the waves and enjoyed some kitesurfing while Branson learned how to foilboard. In a competition to see who could master their respective sport first, Obama ultimately defeated Branson. There were no sore losers, however. In a blog post dated Feb. 7, Branson wrote, all he has done for the world, I couldn begrudge him his well deserved win. Photos of the two of them captured the jolly nature of their time in the sun. The internet, expectedly, had a field day with memes of the day he went from commander in chief to Kite Mander in Chief.

The Obamas Relax With Oprah, Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen on David Geffen yacht

As if this vacation more like staycation wasn envy inducing enough, the former First Family called up some pals in early April and boarded Geffen yacht, the Rising Sun, according to People. The yacht was previously owned by Oracle founder Larry Ellison. This group of friends boating around the blue seas of French Polynesia has an extra amount of significance: both Springsteen and Hanks received Obama Medal of Freedom in 2016; Oprah in 2013.

While President Obama continues his sojourns overseas, many of his stops include official business for the Obama Foundation. On May 24 27, President Obama traveled to Berlin, Germany; Baden Baden, Germany; Edinburgh, Scotland and London, England, respectively. Obama met with Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany and Prince Harry and Prime Minister David Cameron in England, an Obama Spokesperson confirmed to TIME. Between meetings, however, he found some down time. The President was seen enjoying a round of golf at St. Andrews in Scotland.
timberland trainers uk Barack Obama on Vacation Timeline