timberland stratham based contracts for snow removal

timberland holly boots based contracts for snow removal

Halifax Regional Municipality is going forward with a pilot project aimed at keeping the streets free of snow for a lower price this winter.

Staff told council Tuesday the winter works budget is too small to cover costs, and recommended awarding contracts to independent companies in some parts of the city, rather than having municipal plows on the job.

The city has been testing performance based contracts with lawn mowing and sidewalk plowing for a few years and the city works department told council it thinks it getting the hang of it.

Transportation and Public Works director Ken Reashor team has arranged for private companies to do the salting and sanding in selected areas.

would monitor that on a continued basis to ensure that they are meeting the standards and address any issues that may come up from councillors or standards, Reashor told councilors during Tuesday meeting.

Coun. Jerry Blumenthal (Halifax North End) is among those who wonder whether the hired guns will perform satisfactorily.

work to a standard, said Blumenthal. people have pride in their work. They work with heart to do the best they could,
timberland stratham based contracts for snow removal
even better than what they asked. The theory is that putting the jobs out for tender will encourage plow companies to underbid each other, therefore lowering the cost.

is a full, complete meal deal where the contractor will be doing all the work not HRM staff, continued Reashor. terms of the performance and penalties, we have the right to let go a contractor.
timberland stratham based contracts for snow removal