timberland shearling jacket Bay News 9 reporter takes flight on Falcon’s Fury

light blue timberland boots Bay News 9 reporter takes flight on Falcon’s Fury

What’s it like to be a falcon soaring in the sky, and then plummeting to the earth to catch prey? After riding the new Falcon’s Fury at Busch Gardens, I know how they must feel.

Entertainment Reporter Virginia Johnson is eight months pregnant so Busch Gardens would not let her ride. So, Bay News 9 sent me as her stunt double to test out the new thrill ride.

I love roller coasters, but the feeling of freefalling is not my cup of tea. In fact falling dreams are usually the ones where I wake up screaming. Given that fact, I looked around and saw little kids with their little shoes dangling from the drop tower and told myself to “woman up.”

To my fear and relief there was no line, even given the fact that it was the ride’s opening day.

In the ride area, I placed my belongings in a cubby. Note, flip flops and sandals will fall off your feet on this ride. I suggest wearing sneakers or leaving loose sandals in the cubbies. However, I was so nervous; I forgot to take off my loose sandals, so I quickly tossed them to Virginia.

There are 32 seats and each seat is individual, with four people per section surrounding the cylinder shaped ride.

Once seated, I lifted my arms above my head to pull down the safety bar. This is not the most comfortable feeling. The harness pressed hard against my chest. But for me, this was comforting and assured me that there was no way I was falling out. There is also a safety belt that strapped between my legs for added safety.

Fastened in, my butterflies got worse, and I was trying not to panic. Then Virginia yelled to me from the crowd, “I love you,
timberland shearling jacket Bay News 9 reporter takes flight on Falcon's Fury
” and I yelled back “I love you too,” just in case these were my final words.

Then it started, the slow elevation up to the top. First, I looked down on the crowd of spectators, whom with each inch we went up, looked more and more like little ants until finally, we made it 335 feet to the top.

Wow! The view! It was incredible! I could see the entire park, even giraffes walking around. Just as I was enjoying my view, the seats moved 90 degrees so that I was facing the ground. Looking literally head on at the spectators below, I plummeted towards the ground. As I was screaming for my life, all of those tiny faces became bigger and bigger. Then as quickly as I dropped, the ride stopped and put me back into seating position.

My journey was safe and the ride was incredible! I feel like I am now a human falcon. Getting off the ride I was still shaky and my legs were wobbly mostly from screaming. As I walked over to Virginia and Bay News 9 Photographer Bobby Collins, there was only one thing I had left to say “CAN I DO THAT AGAIN?!!
timberland shearling jacket Bay News 9 reporter takes flight on Falcon's Fury