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timberland head office Barclays scam texts you should never respond to

The fake texts claim to be from the bank, telling customers that thousands of pounds will be taken from their account, unless they respond to the message.

Customers are then told to call a phone number not affiliated to the bank.

There are fears they could be talking to a fraudster and risk giving away personal banking details.

On Facebook, the bank wrote: you have received any of these texts or similar do not respond. bank do send customers alert texts if they detect suspicious transactions but they say it will come from a valid UK number.

Customers can respond to the alerts with a simple Y or N to let the bank know that the transaction was valid or fraudulent.

A Barclays spokesperson warned that they won’t ask for any personal details or security information and customers should never respond to any text asking for this.

They said: can use fake numbers that look like Barclays numbers to hide their true identity.

customers are unsure about a call or text they have received we would encourage they use our number checker to make sure it’s genuine and then enter the number manually on their phone. you have fallen for one of the scam messages you can call Barclays for free on 0333 200 9090.

If you not sure about a text message you received, you can run the phone number through the bank telephone number checker.

Other text scams to look out for:

Earlier this year, ascam text message was sent to people claiming WhatsApp was about to start charging them to use the service. The text invited people to click on a link and pay 99p for a lifetime subscription to the service because their current subscription had come to an end. But it was a scam intendingto trick users into handing over their banking details and infecting their device.

While in November, a message started doing the rounds on WhatsApp that promised a ‘free’ 250 Tesco or Asda voucher and all you had to do to claim it was click a link.

Another banking scam earlier this year cost one woman 71,000 inheritance from her late father. Her bank said it was not obliged to pay it back as they were not at fault. She had received a text message saying it was from her bank and that there had been suspicious activity on her account. Worryingly, this type of text scam comes on the same thread on your phone as genuine text messages from your bank because a mobile number is effectively being spoofed. So if you saved your bank number in your phone,
compare cheap timberland boots Barclays scam texts you should never respond to
it will look like it come from that number. It says your debit card was recently used and names a store and the amount spent. It then tells you to call a prevention number like in the Barclays cases if it a transaction you do not recognise. In the case of the victim above, the call went on for 30 minutes and they discussed her banking details. After the call ends, the fraudsters access your account and drain the funds.

If a caller asks you for personal information such as your PIN number, says they will send a courier to collect your card, or tells you your computer has a virus, ignore what they are saying and hang up.

Report unwanted texts to your mobile phone provider for free by forwarding the text to 7726 which spells SPAM.

Be aware that scammers can keep your phone line open.

Scammers may ask you to call an official number, such as the one on your bank card.

They can keep the phone line open so even if you hang up and dial the bank’s number, the line is still connected to the scammers.

Always use a different phone, call someone you know first to check the line is free,
compare cheap timberland boots Barclays scam texts you should never respond to
or wait at least 10 to 15 minutes between calls to make sure any scammers have hung up.