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We shall be joined by members of The Wildlife Trust for our annual clear up of the geological sites on this SSSI Reserve. Come along with gardening tools or just take the opportunity to visit the sites and talk about the geology.

Variable levels of activity depending on what you decide to do! There are some steep slopes; strong shoes advisable. Brown’s Folly Car Park (ST 798694).

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Friday April 23rd

Moons Hill Basalt Quarries, Mendip Hills(by kind permission of John Wainwright Co, Ltd.)

The party will examine the vertical, or steeply dipping, succession of Silurian (Wenlock) volcanic rocks exposed in the core of the Mendip Beacon Hill pericline. Dr. at the quarry of ce, (ST 663465).

Hard hats, stout shoes, re ective jackets essential. Newman Sons

This SSSI site has been described as the most fossil rich site in the county, the management of which earned the Newman family an English Nature Merit Award in 1998. Some of the most extensive and northerly exposures of the Clypeus Grit (Upper Inferior Oolite) underlie the basal units of the Hook Norton Limestone, (Lower Great Oolite Group). The Clypeus Grit comprises 3.5m of rubbly, fossiliferous pisolitic and oolitic limestones with interbedded, less resistant marl units. Bivalves and brachiopods are particularly abundant but also irregular echinoids (Clypeus being one) plus gastropods, corals and serpulid worms. The overlying Hook Norton Limestone is less fossiliferous but bivalves predominate and fragments of wood (ginkgo) are also common.

There are also many calcite lined open joints giving evidence for cambering. This is a function of the relationship between local topography and geology where great thicknesses of Lower Jurassic argillaceous sediments capped by Middle Jurassic limestones have been dissected by deep, broad valleys. It is situated about 4 miles west of Chipping Norton, on the north side of the A44, immediately to the west of the Cross Hands Inn. Hard hats and strong footwear essential.
cheap timberland boots sale Bath Geological Society Field Excursions