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Seven food and beverages companies have signed a pledge to market responsibly to children. What does it actually mean

We will change our food advertising to children.” This first line in the recently drafted India Pledge, signed by seven food and beverage majors, is perhaps the beginning of a new chapter of communication in that space in India. Or is it?

BANNER1 On July 19, Hindustan Unilever, Coca Cola India Inc, General Mills India, Kellogg India, Nestle India, Mars International India and PepsiCo India Holdings came together for a voluntary, self regulation initiative to help promote healthier, active lifestyles to Indian children. A few days later, Cadbury too announced that it would join in very soon.

The chief commitment is ‘no advertising food and beverage products to children under the age of 12 on TV, print or the internet’ (except for products that fulfill specific nutrition criteria based on scientific evidence). This pledge, which shall come into effect from December 31, 2010, is in the wake of similar pledges recently taken by these companies in other parts of the world (see box).

What led to this change of heart? How will the creative and media plan change for these companies? What are the legal guidelines in this regard? And most importantly, what are the social and moral implications of communicating to children? afaqs! Reporter seeks some answers.

A recap

India is the 12th country to be party to such a pledge. The India Pledge is modelled on the EU Pledge, and it is among the few developing nations on that list to be a part of this ‘movement’.

The India Pledge seems to be a product of a global school of thought and companies that have signed on have probably done so because of a global directive so far, only Indian arms of internationally networked companies have signed on. No Indian company has yet come to the fore expressing interest in it. Shalini Degan, category director, delight and lifestyle, Britannia Industries, thus responds to our question of why Britannia isn’t party to the pledge: “Our products are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and are healthy, which is probably why we were not approached. There is no need for us to say ‘From now on we will ‘. Britannia is not looking for mileage like that. I mean, who will that document really reassure?”

While that is clearly subjective, the signatories themselves are touting the India Pledge as a major milestone for the food and beverage industry. Says a Coca Cola India spokesperson, “We have collectively worked in identifying a best practice model of self regulation.” Sidharth Singh, vice president and head, processed foods, HUL adds, “This is a voluntary response by the leaders in the space and we are confident that more Indian companies will join us in our commitment towards responsible advertising to children.”

More to it

Not everyone thinks the reason behind the India Pledge is as simple as a global directive.

To understand the full implications of this ‘voluntary’ pledge, take a look at the legal framework concerning this matter. The FSS Act, when formed, saw the cancellation of other Acts in the space including the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954 or the Fruit Products Order, 1955. It was an initiative to give greater legal backing to issues in the food production and marketing space.

In addition to this, the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) came up with a code in the food and beverage space in December 2007, which lays down certain guidelines that marketers ought to follow. There has been talk for quite some time that the FSS Act, though comprehensive, perhaps may not exactly be “sharp enough” to have marketers take it seriously. The ASCI has, therefore, recommended its own food and beverage code guidelines to the FSSAI to tighten the rope for stricter implementation. Dhananjay Keskar, director, IBS and chairman, ASCI, says that the FSSAI is considering the recommendations. According to sources, the FSSAI is likely to amend the Act as a result of these recommendations a decision that will only be taken by this year end or early next year.

Not everyone agrees. To Sam Balsara, chairman and managing director, Madison World, and ex AAAI and ASCI president, all this concern for over consumption of products like soft drinks, chips, chocolates and fast foods is unnecessary and obesity amongst kids is more of an issue in developed markets like Europe and the US.

“If one looks at the per capita consumption of these foods, barring the metros, consumption of such items is low in India. How many children here are obese because of watching advertisements of chocolates and fast foods? I think the concern is misplaced and a little far fetched,” he says emphatically.

Further, he feels that while it is a good attempt, the pledge might be an overreaction because of what’s happening in the Western world, as by and large, “marketers are a responsible lot”.

Metaphors and hyperbole

Children today are highly competitive, and their sense of self often comes from how richer, taller, sharper, smarter, or stronger they are than their peers. For years together, advertising has fed on the insecurities faced by kids, and in some cases, even thrived on it.

K V Sridhar aka Pops, NCD, Leo Burnett India, recalls an ad for Maruti where a child whose dad drops him to school on a scooter feels embarrassed as he watches other children turn up in their fathers’ gleaming cars. “This was clearly a play on low income levels and a resultant feeling of inadequacy,” Pops recalls. Such examples abound.

Clearly, advertising affects children across two parameters: directly, where products are targeted at them, and indirectly, where they are unwittingly made influencers in categories not meant for them. The latter could involve all sorts of categories beyond food, including cars, electronic items and toiletries, and the route taken here is often one of comparative advertising.

Here, a marketer could play on lifestyle disparities and social status, making a child belonging to a low or middle income group feel deprived, pitiable or ‘uncool’, or worse, a failure if his family doesn’t own a particular brand. This also affects his relationship with his family members. Also, here, often one aspect of a product such as a sound system in a car is made the hook for the overall product.

In case of products meant for children, encouraging over consumption, or exaggerated claims can harm a child. Over consumption of food items could lead to obesity, a tangible effect, which is why perhaps the Food and Beverage category is the first one to come under the scanner when issues of marketing to children come to the fore. Exaggerated claims on the other hand, could have disastrous effects on a child’s psyche and this is not always measurable.

Over time, snack brands have attempted going the healthy route, but some brands take ‘benefits’ to an extreme. “Over indulgence is not good,” she states, “and without scientific evidence, to make preposterous claims that your child will grow taller, or that one energy drink or biscuit will make your child a genius, is obviously unethical.” Furthermore, children have vivid imaginations and marketers should be cognizant of that. Surely, there’s no harm in experimentation, but one needn’t go over the top. “Marketers cannot expect kids to understand hyperbole,” says Degan of Britannia. “I mean, the kids could replicate stunts seen in ads. These are formative years and the line between imagination and reality blurs for them.”Sociologists attribute the increased effect of ads on children to two factors: first, the high exposure to media and second, the parents themselves. According to Nandini Sardesai, sociologist and member of ASCI’s CCC (Consumer Complaints Council), media explosion is making children more materialistic, status and price conscious. Years ago, clothes and textbooks were passed onto siblings. Today’s child knows the concept of my room my books my things. Children are now ‘proud’ owners of Facebook ids under false names, and also want make up, hair curls and other such things in blatant emulation of adults. This makes them soft targets for marketers. Sardesai talks of the four effects which repetition and reinforcement in advertising generate: projection, imitation, suggestion (subtle or not) and role play (a kid puts himself in the ‘superior’ boy’s shoes).

While these are the obvious effects, there are subliminal messages that advertising gives out, such as lifestyle imagery, or social stigma. The psychological impact could include a child getting enamoured by a fast car in an ad. Thinking ‘speed’ becomes cool. A young girl who is dark may not immediately associate herself with the ‘repercussions’ of her skin colour, but the impact will remain with her. “Unwittingly, a child is being educated with the kind of lifestyle he sees in advertising,” says Bajpai. “These images stay with them when they grow up, on how they should be, what they should look like, how they should dress or the kind of cars they should drive,” he adds.

Change of plans?

Television accounts for, on an average, 80 90 per cent of ad budgets for food and beverage companies (depending on the brand, the market), following which come print and the internet. This development could probably spell a change in media plans for the signatories.

For instance, it will make a difference to the way kids’ channels are utilised by these brands. While these advertisers may not stay away completely from a kids’ channel, they may be forced to target shows meant specifically for older children, and stay away from those meant for the under 12 age band. Some of these signatories such as Coca Cola and Unilever already have strict marketing to children policies in place and, therefore, don’t target certain products on shows meant for 8 12 year olds. “And most in the impulse category, such as soft drinks, anyway don’t address that age group,” says Punitha Arumugam, group CEO, Madison Media. “But the pledge could imply a change in TV spots for those in the snacking business, like biscuits and chocolates,” he adds.
timberland leeds Change of heart

discount timberlands Change of Command kicks of yearlong 80th anniversary celebrations for Windsor Regiment

timberland store uk Change of Command kicks of yearlong 80th anniversary celebrations for Windsor Regiment

The new commander of The Windsor Regiment (Royal Canadian Armoured Corps) promised a “tough” ride for his soldiers, while admitting he has big shoes to fill.

Lt. Col. Nick Maroukis assumed the role of commanding officer on Saturday, taking over from Lt. Col. David Lafreniere, who guided the regiment since 2013. Tilston VC Armoury as family, friends and a handful of veterans looked on.

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discount timberlands Change of Command kicks of yearlong 80th anniversary celebrations for Windsor Regiment

timberland splitrock boots Chandigarh heritage sold again in US

timberland earthkeeper chelsea boots Chandigarh heritage sold again in US

Heritage furniture from Chandigarh went under the hammer at an auction held at Oak Park, Illinois, USA on September 16. The auction was conducted by Treadway Tommey Auctions.

Out of the six heritage items designed by Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret, five were sold at a total cost of Rs 13.6 lakh. The items which were sold included Pierre Jeanneret office table desk bookcase with armchair for Rs 3.6 lakh, against reserve price of Rs 1.6 lakh, his library chair was sold at Rs 4 lakh, against the reserve price of Rs 1.9 lakh, low stool or occasional table went at Rs 80,
timberland splitrock boots Chandigarh heritage sold again in US
000, against the reserve price of Rs 64,000, an armchair went at Rs 2 lakh, against the reserve price of Rs 80,000 and a low lounge chair was sold at Rs 3.2 lakh against reserve price of Rs 1.3 lakh.

The UT administration has been unable to stall these auctions. Though attempts were made earlier by sending communications to the auction houses, the administration was informed that the items have been purchased from the dealers and had all the receipts.

The auctions have fetched the auction houses millions of rupees. Most of these items were sold as scrap in Chandigarh, not fetching more than a few thousand rupees.

City advocate writes to DRI

City based advocate Ajay Jagga has written a letter to Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) seeking action. The letter relates to smuggling of furniture from Chandigarh that was designed by Swiss French architect Le Corbusier and his associate and cousin Pierre Jeanneret. It also talks of at least six consignments of antique furniture shipped to a firm Sage Mercantile LLC in US between November 2014 and August 2016.

It has also come on record that importing of heritage furniture from India (especially designed by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret and available in Punjab) is resulting in huge profits,
timberland splitrock boots Chandigarh heritage sold again in US
as in western countries there a huge demand for such items.

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timberland discount codes Chance to Become to Focus of the Crowd

A fact is familiar to us that each model of classical Nike Air Max shoes gets its name from its releasing year. Nike Company has introduced many kinds of designer Nike Air Max shoes till now including Nike Air Max 87, Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Max 91, Nike Air Max 95, Nike Air Max 2009, Air Max LTD, Air Max Classic BW and others.

Around the entire world, the designer Nike shoes can be said to be the hottest ones, and they also sell very well. All this should be an absolutely sure fact. Generally, for people buying shoes, Nike tends to be their first choice. Some people may like this type of shoes, and others would like to choose that ones, nevertheless, no matter what kind it is, you always can find your favorite ones among various Nike shoes.

Nike Company which is considered as a famous one has won the greatest reputation in the world of sports shoes. As one of the top producers of excellent sports sneakers,
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baby timberland shoes Chamber Calendar Exposes Men And Businesses Of Glastonbury

timberland women s boots Chamber Calendar Exposes Men And Businesses Of Glastonbury

GLASTONBURY Nick Bernaiche was looking for a little exposure.

With his Clean N Green Laundromat tucked away in the Putnam Bridge Plaza and hard to see, Bernaiche was looking for ways to boost business. So he stripped down to his shoes and socks, held a laundry sign that noted “mega load” in front of his waist and became Mr. January 2017 in the 15 month “Men of Glastonbury Chamber 2016” calendar.

“It was good exposure,” he said with a chuckle. “We started here a couple of years ago and we are a bit hard to see. So anything we can do to get people to see us is a good thing. And my mom’s been showing the calendar around to everyone.”

The 15 month calendar showcases various chamber businesses from real estate companies to Katz Ace Hardware to law firms each month. Even state Rep. Mark Tweedie found his way into one of the shots, holding a stuffed dog on one of the amusement rides at the Apple Harvest Festival photographed very early in the morning, of course.

The cover includes four muscular real estate agents from Coldwell Banker and a young boy in the middle. The five are holding signs that include “sold,” “for rent” and “coming soon” over their waists. Each month was purchased by the businesses with the front and back covers at a higher price.

Although the men are in various stages of undress, the shots were tastefully done according to chamber President Mary Ellen Dombrowski, with strategically placed items from grill covers to for sale signs to exercise balls covering up anything that shouldn’t be seen.

The calendar made its debut in 2013 and at that time showcased just Glastonbury businesses, along with some local and state elected officials. The 2016/17 edition was opened to anyone in the chamber who wanted to purchase a month and pose before the cameras of Glastonbury based photographers.

The calendar was released Friday night during a “great reveal” party at Goodwin College. Each month was unveiled on a giant screen with the models coming down a “runway.” After the event, the models were organized by months and signed their month in the calendar. Less than 100 calendars remained Wednesday afternoon after the intial printing of 400.

“There was a lot of hooting and hollering as the models came out,” Dombrowski said. “It’s a creative advertising opportunity. People sure talk about it.”

“I think Axle was a bigger hit than I was,” Bernaiche said. “I was thinking on it for a couple of months. You want to be silly, but you also want to get your subliminal message across. I’ve gotten a lot of new customers just from the [great reveal] event. I’m sure it will be the case with the calendar.”

After being behind the camera during the last calendar, Billard went before the lens this time with a fiery display covering up his anatomy.

“I love the variety and ingenuity of what people came up with,” Billard said, adding that his wife took the photo. “But I think if it happens again in two years I will just do the photos. It’s kind of a cheap thrill for a middle aged guy like me. No one is getting a swelled head. It’s just local fun.”
baby timberland shoes Chamber Calendar Exposes Men And Businesses Of Glastonbury

cheap timberland boots uk Challenges to Email Subject Line Use Page 1 of 2

timberlands Challenges to Email Subject Line Use Page 1 of 2

How do you get the attention of someone who doesn t know you or who isn t expecting anything from you? The answer is be creative. Instead, the subject line is used to convey some other type of information. Here are a few examples. (Uses for the subject line): Identify who you are (Sample wording): Lawyer(Uses for the subject line): Tell how you met this person (Sample wording): Chamber Networking B fast(Uses for the subject line): Tell why you are contacting this person (Sample wording): Animal shelter fundraiser(Uses for the subject line): Find things that set you apart (Sample wording): E commerce lawyer(Uses for the subject line): Find common bond with recipient (Sample wording): Fellow IU grad lawyer Subject Lines: Formatting and StyleThere is another challenge you must overcome when crafting an effective subject line. But, the receiver s screen has limited space. This approximation doesn t mean 25 to 35 words. It means characters. A character is defined as a letter, space, or punctuation. For example,
cheap timberland boots uk Challenges to Email Subject Line Use Page 1 of 2
any time your cursor moves one space, that s considered one character. Watkins, MBA. Mini Workshop. Discover practical tips techniques to make your email messages more effective. Hurry! This is a limited time offer. If you snooze, you lose.
cheap timberland boots uk Challenges to Email Subject Line Use Page 1 of 2

timberland caps Challenges that may crop up while drafting a Will

earthkeepers timberland Challenges that may crop up while drafting a Will

It is also important to inform the executor and seek his consent to being appointed as an executor otherwise without valid acceptance, it could result in difficulties at the time of execution of the Will/ distribution of estate. It is recommended that two executors be named in the Will, since incase a sole executor either refuses to take the responsibility or is otherwise unable due to any reason, then the other executor may step into his shoes.

If the named executor does not accept the responsibility at a later stage, or is unable perform his duties, a competent court of law may at the request of the beneficiaries/legal heirs appoint an executor, as without an executor the management, distribution and transfer of estate of the testator would not be possible.

(b) Immovable properties under the Will are situated in any of these three territorial jurisdictions, to recognize the right of the executor to deal with the estate.

Understanding Asset Inventory and Management (with a focus on Valuation):

It is ideal to make an inventory of the estate with a classification of assets into various classes, immovable property (such as land and/ or buildings), movable property (such as cash, shares, jewelry, bank balance),etc., and accordingly, the estate should be managed in a manner as to optimize the estate value, prevent erosion of value of estate and effectively manage the tax implications.

Pitfalls to avoid while drafting a Will:

The Testator should be cautious while preparing his Will, and should avoid:

i. the person making the Will needs to affix his signature on the execution sheet at the end of the Will, as an unsigned Will unless it is a privileged Will is not a valid instrument in the eyes of law and attestation of Will should be made by at least two witnesses, who attest the Will in the presence of each other and the Testator;

ii. Gifting property to attesting witness: If any property is bequeathed to an attesting witness in the Will, then Will shall be valid, but the bequest so made to the attesting witness shall not take effect;
timberland caps Challenges that may crop up while drafting a Will

iii. Using nicknames or incomplete names: The correct and complete names should be written in the Will, since in case of incomplete name, the court would have to use extrinsic evidence to understand the Testator’s intention, and in case of ambiguity, the Will would be interpreted on the basis of evidence produced/ available before the court;

iv. Improper description of property: The property must be qualified/quantified, so that a clear reference can be drawn at the time of probate and distribution of the estate;

v. the Testator can revoke his former Will at any time and/or write a codicil to amend the former Will. People often make a Will on a particular date and subsequently may acquire, assign, transfer, gift or exchange the assets (immovable and movable properties) and subsequently forget to update their Will by writing a Codicil or preparing a new Will as against cancelling the last Will;

vi. the testator may put a condition for his/her daughter stating that she will get the property only if she marries within three years of the testators’ death, then such a condition is valid and sustainable). However, if an immoral or impossible condition (in the eyes of law)is imposed, then such legacy will automatically form part of the residuary properties and be distributed as per the terms of the Will associated with residuary property; and

vii. Probate: Probate of the Will shall be required in certain cases as stated above, however, at times, banks or other financial institutions insist on a Probate of Will for safety reasons, and therefore the executor will be required to probate the Will. However, in case of bequests of significant assets to beneficiaries, keeping in mind succession planning, it is advisable to seek an advice of a lawyer for preparing a Will, so as to avoid causing difficulty to the executor to execute the Will by transferring the estate to the beneficiaries in smooth and unambiguous manner.
timberland caps Challenges that may crop up while drafting a Will

timberland youth boots Challenges Rahul faces as Cong Prez

cheap timberland boots Challenges Rahul faces as Cong Prez

New Delhi, Dec 16: Anticipated for long by his party, Rahul Gandhi took over as Congress President on Saturday, an elevation that comes at a time when the party faces an “existential crisis” and has huge electoral challenges in the run up to the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

Gandhi, 47, is the sixth member of the Nehru Gandhi family to take the top position of the 132 year old party.

The change at the top comes on the eve of counting of votes in the Assembly polls in Gujarat whose results would be interpreted in terms of Rahul Gandhi ability as a campaigner and vote getter for a party that has only slipped from defeat to defeat ever since the 2014 Lok Sabha rout. The party won the Punjab Assembly elections earlier this year.

Gandhi would also have to prepare to face the challenge of the next round of assembly polls in 2018 first in Karnataka and later in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh that will be absolutely crucial for him and the party ahead of the next Lok Sabha elections in 2019.

The state elections, with BJP as the key rival, will also be the first major polls directly under Rahul Gandhi charge as party chief, who has a formidable rival in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Assembly polls will also be held early next year in Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura.

The challenges for Rahul Gandhi include fostering a new energy and enthusiasm in the Congress and evolving a new strategy to galvanise the party after a string of electoral losses since the 2014 Lok Sabha debacle. The Congress has to work hard at the grassroots to take on the relentless election machine of Modi led BJP and party chief Amit Shah.

Gandhi has to take a call on forging a larger opposition alliance for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls under a “collective leadership” or projecting himself as the alternative against Modi with support of different parties. He was the face of Congress in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

Gandhi has been perceived as a reluctant politician due to some of his longish trips abroad, the delay in stepping up to the role of party chief, his not taking up a ministerial responsibility in two UPA governments and not properly following through some of the issues he raised.

Of late, he has been able to counter the perception with his sharp and aggressive attacks on Modi and the BJP. A trip to the United States where he had had interactions with think tanks appeared to have done a sea change to the image about him.

In Gujarat, where success will be a big morale booster for the Congress, Gandhi has sought to create a broad social coalition and has forced Modi to react.

Congress only major success since its debacle in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls has been Punjab, while the BJP, in comparison, has tremendously expanded its footprint by winning states it had never done in the past. The BJP is making efforts to expand its base in states it has been weak,
timberland youth boots Challenges Rahul faces as Cong Prez
including West Bengal, Kerala, Odisha and Tamil Nadu.

Another major challenge for Rahul Gandhi is to revive Congress in Uttar Pradesh, the state that sends the largest contingent of 80 MPs to Parliament. Gandhi has twice led the party campaign in the assembly polls but had come a cropper.

The results of the recent local body polls in Amethi and Rae Bareli, the Lok Sabha constituencies of Rahul Gandhi and his mother and Congress president Sonia Gandhi, have not been flattering for his image.

Congress has shrunk electorally, being now the fourth player in states such as Bihar, third in states such as West Bengal, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu as also Delhi. In the polls held to various assemblies since 2014, it has largely finished third or fourth. Sections, which were strongly with the party including Dalits, have drifted away.

Rahul Gandhi had been projected as a young leader who understands the language and idiom of the youth but Modi has been more successful in weaning away the section that has large electoral presence. The Congress also has to devise ways to woo the large middle class.

Gandhi, who is stepping into the shoes of his mother Sonia Gandhi who helmed Congress for 19 years including 10 as the chief of the party heading the ruling coalition at the Centre, will need to be dexterous in his dealings with allies as also other opposition parties such as the CPI M.

The crumbling of the ruling alliance in Bihar has been a setback for the party.

Senior leaders like Mamata Banerjee and Lalu Prasad have a comfort level with Sonia Gandhi and it remains to be seen how Rahul Gandhi fits into the role.

Within the party, Gandhi has to take several decisions including whether to project chief ministerial candidates in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan and who they will be.

Bringing about unity in faction ridden state units and making the balance between the “old guard” and the younger aspirants will be other challenges.

Congress had to project nonagenarian Virbhadra Singh as chief ministerial candidate in Himachal Pradesh in the absence of a younger acceptable option.

Congress is now ruling only five states and a union territory and if it loses Gujarat and Karanataka next year, its chances of staging a comeback in 2019 will be further squeezed.

Though Rahul Gandhi experiments to democratise the party youth organisations have not entirely succeeded, he has had some political successes, including forcing the Modi government to go back on its proposed changes in the Land Acquisition Act.

The concerted opposition attack on the “flawed” implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as also perception of unease among traders in poll bound Gujarat has apparently forced the government to extend several concessions.

But the Congress or other opposition parties could not reap political dividends on demonetisation though it caused a lot of inconvenience to people.

Though Gandhi had promised to “involve people in ways you cannot even imagine now” after the party lost in Delhi in the 2013 assembly polls,
timberland youth boots Challenges Rahul faces as Cong Prez
the party fared far worse in the next polls.

timberland caps Chairman says pay dispute with players handled well

timberlands boots for men Chairman says pay dispute with players handled well

Cricket Australia (CA) says tension was always going to be a by product of pay negotiations with players.

The sport’s governing body spent 10 months locking horns with the Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) over their new pay deal, with revenue sharing one of the main sources of contention.

Cricket’s civil war isn’t over yet CA came home without a single prize from its disastrous pay deal, tarnishing its biggest asset the players in the process: Geoff Lemon.

CA presented the new collective agreement as a “major achievement of the past year” at its 2016 17 AGM in Brisbane, with chairman David Peever confident his organisation’s conduct was fair.

“We didn’t want to put players in the middle of the dispute and we hold our heads high that we didn’t ever do that,” Peever said.

“Yes it was acrimonious, this is significant change that comes about every five years so it is not surprising that there would be tension around it.

“Apart from the [Australia A] South Africa tour, no cricket was lost and no player has gone without payment.

“While a lot has been made of the opposing views, at the end of the day compromise is necessary to get to an outcome and that is what happened.”

CA posts loss for 2016 17 season but surplus over long termWhile CA announced a $68 million surplus over the past four years, it posted a $50 million loss for the 2016 17 season.

Analysis by Mary Gearin “We’ve moved on. We’re into cricket now.” There was an ever so slight pause before David Peever said ‘now’, as he tried to squash the pay dispute elephant back into its box. The memory of CA’s own goal in the negotiations hung heavy over this AGM, and the chairman was keen to point at any flashing light on the periphery to distract the assembled journalists. “Have you any regrets about how you handled the stoush?” “How about those women cricketers!” Or some such. Chief executive James Sutherland fairly galloped through his account of the episode during his AGM address, and might well have been relieved to sit back with the the focus on the chairman in his first public appearance since the Long Dark Tea Time Of The MOU. David Peever says all the “learnings” will come with an “internal review”. There’s no hint anyone will become a fall guy for this. And to be fair, Peever and the CA board can count on the average fan not really caring about the dispute any more. It’s all about the Ashes. Look over there!

CEO James Sutherland said they had a strong financial base to support the next long range period,
timberland caps Chairman says pay dispute with players handled well
including the upcoming home Ashes series which typically turns a profit.

Media contracts would also be a financial factor, with negotiations for a five year deal, to start next summer, now underway.

“Certainly the level of interest is very high, we have got great content with international content and the Big Bash League,” Peever said.

“I did note that the IPL recently sold their rights to their domestic T20 competition and it was very interesting to see the nature and diversity of people that bid for those rights.”

Sutherland said CA hoped to finalise rights deals within four to six months, but it could happen much more quickly depending on the nature of negotiations.

CA recently announced a six year deal with Indian broadcaster Sony, which has the rights to broadcast all men’s and women’s international cricket played in Australia into India and the subcontinent.

Players’ association backs call for full MOU reviewThe ACA has repeated calls for CA to conduct a full review of the conduct of the MOU negotiation.

“The ACA is adamant that what happened during the MOU must never happen again,” chief executive Alistair Nicholson said in a statement.

“There are lessons which must be learned. A full and frank review is the best way to start the learning process.

“This was not a fight the players started. The players resented being put in the position they were by CA.

“Like any other group of Australians, they stood their ground. They fought for each other and for the game. And when you consider what the game has achieved under the partnership model, it’s a good thing they did.”

But Nicholson welcomed CA’s annual results, saying they were “great news” for the sport.

“Cricket in Australia is strong and the outlook is positive. That’s great news for the national pastime and for the growing number of people who play the game,” he said in the statement.

“And it’s a credit to all involved in the sport. The ACA is especially pleased that the trajectory for attendance at matches and television ratings is headed in the right direction.

“This ensures the financial strength of the cricket. And generates interest in the community for people who play or simply love cricket.

“It’s also a measure of what the modern players, men and women both, bring to the game. The players are at the forefront of fan engagement and digital content. And the growth in the BBL and WBBL is testament to the players’ willingness to embrace innovation in building a new fanbase for cricket.
timberland caps Chairman says pay dispute with players handled well

euro sprint timberland boots Chain store closing can be blow

timberland euro sprint white Chain store closing can be blow

When big retail chains close stores, it can be a blow or a blessing for small businesses near the shuttered merchants.

Many shoppers gravitate to a smaller store when one of the big players shuts down, says Aric Shlifka, the owner of Kiddles Sports in Lake Forest, Illinois.

feel mass/chain store closings scare people, and make them realize how many jobs and tax dollars are lost and want to support the local retailers more, Shlifka says.

As more shoppers shift online, stores have been suffering and chains have been cutting back. Macy is closing some stores. Sears Holdings Corp. reportedly plans to close another 66 Sears and Kmart stores, adding to 150 closings in April. Many of the store closings are in big malls, but in smaller strip shopping centres, hundreds have also been shutting down.

Some businesses can see their own sales suffer when a big nearby retailer that has been a shopper magnet disappears. But smaller retail competitors can pick up customers, and sometimes other businesses ancillary or unrelated to retail find opportunities in vacant real estate.

The retail remains of a shuttered store mean franchisees of 1 800 GOT JUNK? often get contracts to empty out the chain stores, loading dump trucks with unwanted mannequins, shelving, racks, showcases and other fixtures and hauling it all away.

Corporate executives at 1 800 GOT JUNK? are regularly in touch with big chains and often know in advance when stores will be closing, says Scott Perry, an account manager with the franchise. It can take a month in some cases to remove and cart away the items; franchisees have handled 150 truckloads from a closed Macy in Pittsburgh and 120 from a Bon Ton in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Perry says.

James Williams, owner of a 1 800 GOT JUNK franchise in Burbank, California, says that in removing the contents of a store, his company donates usable equipment like vacuum cleaners to charities and takes furniture and fixtures to businesses that will recycle what they can.

But there also a downside for his business when a store closes he just lost a customer who regularly needed trucks to haul unwanted fixtures and other items.

of these were clients that we were serving on a weekly or monthly basis, Williams says. see the negative impact on our business immediately after the closing. a department store in a shopping mall or big box store in a strip centre closes, nearby retailers can see fewer shoppers and lower sales. Some mall operators have staged events and activities near the shuttered stores to attract more shoppers.

Yogibo, which sells bean bag chairs and other casual furniture, had to work harder to make itself more visible to shoppers after Sears vacated parts of its stores in malls in Freehold, New Jersey, and Danbury, Connecticut, CEO Eyal Levy says. Penney store shut in Natick, Massachusetts two years ago.

So it has increased its advertising, offering its chairs to mall operators for events like children story hours.

had to be more active. We couldn rely on mall foot traffic, Levy says.

On the flip side, when a new tenant moves into the big, empty space, sales at smaller shops pick up as shoppers return to that part of the mall. Yogibo sales rose between 10 per cent and 15 per cent when clothing retailer Primark moved into the space vacated by Sears, Levy says.

Abandoned retail real estate can be a bonanza for a small company. Earth Treks, a company that operates rock climbing gyms, is looking at shuttered big box retailers for possible additions to its current five locations, which are in Maryland, Virginia and Colorado.

Earth Trek gyms need about 30,000 square feet and they need high ceilings for rope climbing, so vacated big box store becomes a viable option to meet those needs, says Chris Jenkins, chief operating offer of the Columbia, Maryland based company.

The retail picture seems dire for many retailers. An analysis by Standard Poor found that 14 major retailers had filed for bankruptcy court protection by mid April, compared with 18 for all of 2016. S warned that other big retailers remain vulnerable, which could mean additional closings.

That has some small businesses wondering whether stores near them could shut down.

At PMR of Marion, an auto repair shop in Marion, Illinois, manager Nicole Firebaugh says that if a nearby Sears store were to close, she might get a slight bump in business from people who were going to Sears for repairs and maintenance. But a bigger impact would be the loss of Sears as a supplier the retailer has a big selection of tools including compressors.
euro sprint timberland boots Chain store closing can be blow