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celebrated her 21 birthday yesterday with lots of love from family members on social media. “We are so thankful for [Jinger’s] love for Jesus and her sweet personality. She is precious to us in every way,” the family shared on their Facebook page alongside a picture of Jinger holding a birthday sign next to her mom Michelle. While the celebrations did not include any alcohol, we’re sure Jinger indulged in some ginger ale. 25, but have the two already eloped? Brittany Kerr, who started dating Jason Aldean while he was still married to high school sweetheart Jessica Ussery, posted a picture of her and the singer on Instagram while they were in Las Vegas. “Me, the hubs and my hydedolss!!” she wrote. Was she admitting the two got hitched in Vegas or merely trying out calling Aldean her husband ahead of their big day?Erin AndrewsThe “Dancing with the Stars” host sipped on some OJ to keep cool at an outdoor party where she shared some healthy tailgating tips ahead of Football season. “Having grown up in Florida, I know OJ is a staple that helps me stay energized, especially during the busy football season,” Andrews said. “I’ve spent a lot of time around tailgates and I love sampling all the traditional food, from burgers and ribs to potato salad and cookies, but it’s also important to keep health in mind.”Miley wild anticsShe’s just being Miley? The 21 year old singer’s behavior has gotten increasingly strange as she posted a picture of her and two friends with matching tribute tattoos to Cyrus’ dead dog Floyd. “With a little help from my fwends,” the tattoo reads along with a picture of the Alaskan Klee Kai that died at age two. The “Wrecking Ball” singer also posted a series of wild pictures that had fans questioning if the star was using drugs. Many fans voiced only support for Cyrus,
timberland outlets uk FOX411's pic of the day
while others were concerned for her reckless behavior.

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From the publisher: In ‘Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer,’ Phil Chalmers explores the reasons why teens kill; the warning signs we must be looking for; and offers a game plan to keep our homes, schools, and communities safe. The narrative shocking, other times hilarious in its absurdity the reader a real life understanding of how gun control laws only make it more difficult for honest, law abiding people to get guns, while violent crime continues to rise

Increasing awareness of military service and supporting assistance programs for active members of the United States military,
timberland driving shoes Fox and Friends Weekend
veterans, and their families while highlighting the importance of community serviceThis non profit organization has chapters and members in over 65 locations within the United States and abroad. Every day, in parks, gyms, and tracks all over the world, Achilles provides athletes with disabilities with a community of supportCelebrate International Bacon Day with these unique treats. And, for all your bacon needs, visit:

The Meat House

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Megan’s Must Haves

Hukkster: Never Miss a Sale Again

Track products on sites you love. Get notified when those products go on sale!Plus,
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Now that the formalities are over with, and the new council has to start performing, is it possible, in this world, that they’ll all be able to get along? The mayor has been alluding to a focus on “teamwork” in the coming term. The thing about getting along, in civic politics, is not that everyone must agree all the time. Nor does it mean council must do what everybody out there wants it to do, since that’s impossible. No, it means conducting business in a respectful manner, agreeing when possible but disagreeing, when that is necessary, without rancor. The mayor, of course, has the biggest responsibility in seeing that this happens as much as is possible. But there are others on the “team” whose roles will be almost as important, whose talents will be influential in certain situations. These include: KEN CHRISTIAN:He who is said to covet the mayor’s chair three years hence, will be the dour voice of reason and calm, the fellow with practical solutions. He’s the logical one to fill the shoes of John O’Fee, who, besides knowing more obscure facts and quirks of history and science than most, had a keen knack for procedural tactics that were helpful whenever council got bogged down in unproductive debate. PAT WALLACE:The veteran who has said, on occasion, that she’ll keep running as long as people keep electing her or until she’s carted out on a stretcher,
timberland boot Four who will lead on new council
will always be a force. Her experience is particularly effective in the hallways and private conversations in which she can lobby other members of council on various issues. Doesn’t always get her way, but her batting percentage is impressive. ARJUN SINGH:Say what? The same person who admitted to lapsing into “Arjun moments,” who got booted off the social planning council after being accused of bullying the chairman, and who couldn’t express a coherent thought at the council table to save his soul? Yep, this is the revised, better Arjun. If he can re channel his energies to promote favourite issues like social housing and youth (he was once publicly accused by then mayor Terry Lake of “grandstanding” on such causes) in a co operative manner, he can make a mark in a good way. DONOVAN CAVERS:Will he be a replacement for Denis Walsh? Yes and no. Walsh was the honest broker on council, and every political group needs one of those (looking back on it now, there’s little doubt he’d be the mayor today if he’d gone for it instead of bowing out altogether). His weakness was that he’s too polite. I sense in Cavers a latent aggressiveness that can be used, if he chooses, to push hard for green initiatives. Some of them won’t be practical, which should set the scene for some entertaining differences of opinion with the mayor and, perhaps, other councillors. Or, he can find ways to promote his causes without creating dissension. Returning to the question, “Can they all just get along?” the answer is no, not all the time. However, Christian, Wallace, Singh and Cavers, at their most effective, have the means to give their colleagues a sense of direction. At the least,
timberland boot Four who will lead on new council
they’ll have much to do with the overall tone of this council.

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childrens timberland boots Four signs your employer is going down the drain

When Jonathan Cutler joined eToys in the summer of 1999, he thought he might be at the company forever.

The Los Angeles based online toy seller appeared to be one of the dot com bubble era more promising technology companies. As director of communications, Cutler fielded an ever increasing number of media requests.

was incredible, he said. was a great euphoria in the space and I had a chance to be in an industry and a company that was growing up in front of me. than two years later, the company shut down and Cutler was searching for work. Like many web based businesses back then, eToys wasn turning a profit, which scared off investors. Remember the dot com bust?

Cutler knew that things were bad for months before the firm was shuttered the mood at the office soured and there were layoffs yet he stayed until he got his pink slip and felt terrible when he walked out the door for the last time.

all felt hugely defeated, said Cutler, who now runs JCUTLER Media Group, a communications firm he started in 2006. gave our blood, sweat and tears and we truly believed in it. are plenty of managers and executives with whom Cutler can commiserate. Many once mighty companies Blockbuster, Compaq, Enron to name a few have either closed their doors or been gobbled up by competitors, leaving surprised employees jobless and confused.

Most recently, US cupcake chain Crumbs Bake Shop surprised employees and customers when it said 7 July it would close. The following day, doors of the company 42nd Street store in New York were locked and the store was dark.

Sometimes it obvious that a company is going under. Yet employees often have little or no idea that their company is truly in trouble until the end.

She was responsible for launching a frozen food division. By 2007, frozen foods made up about 50% of total revenue for the multinational company.

At first, Boghossian was living the high life. She travelled across the country in a private jet, she had big expense accounts and her division was growing exponentially.

Then came the Great Recession. Nearly half the staff at Contessa was laid off between 2009 and 2011 and the company began cutting back on benefits such as matching employee 401(k) retirement contributions, spousal benefits and free coffee in the office.

Contessa ran into problems for multiple reasons. One of them, according to Boghossian: The company failed to change along with the industry.

During the recession, more restaurants started selling their own frozen meals. If people wanted to save money by not eating out, they went to the grocery store for a lower cost treat a version of their favourites from places, such as PF Chang said Boghossian.

In just four years, Contessa share of the frozen food industry fell from 80% to 25%. Its combined woes led Contessa to be sold to a private equity firm in 2011.

were number one, but all of these top restaurants made us irrelevant, she said. didn change, we didn get better, we didn innovate. upheaval disruption is hardly unique to food companies. US video rental chain Blockbuster went out of business in part because companies such as Netflix offered streaming online films for a fraction of what it cost to rent movies said Melissa Sonberg, a Montreal based executive in residence at McGill University Desautels Faculty of Management.

was technological disruption that people could see coming at them way back, she said about Blockbuster. pretty easy to see the impact of disruptions like this once it becomes obvious. signs

By 2009, Boghossian saw other signs of trouble.

Production fell it started making products three days a week instead of five and went from two shifts on those days to one and never recovered.

I saw that production was down and continued to get worse not better, that is when I knew the company was in serious trouble, she said.

There another way to tell that the company issues go beyond a sector downturn or recession: it the only one of its peers having problems, said Sonberg. If its competitors are thriving and the economy is growing, then whatever ailing the business is likely company specific.

Cash flow falls

As one of KPMG London based restructuring partners, Roger Bayly has made a career out of identifying troubled companies. His one sure fire way to tell if a company is in trouble: it is haemorrhaging cash.

is king, he said. If there not enough money to keep the business going then it will certainly fold, he said.

It not just poorly run companies that run into cash flow problems, Bayly said. Many promising fast growing operations have also folded because they didn have enough cash to keep expanding.

business can run out of cash when it growing and when it shrinking, he said. not so much about revenue, it about what really happening to their cash. easier to see cash flow at public companies since they report revenues, profits and cash flow numbers. Start by looking at the company quarterly cash flow statement. This document details what cash is coming and what going out. You want to see more dollars entering the business than leaving it, said Bayly.

View image of This cupcake chain shuttered its stores virtually overnight/ (Andrew Burton/Getty) (Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty)

A lack of funds was a big reason why eToys folded, said Cutler. In the year it went bust, the company was actually bringing millions of dollars in revenue, but because the company was expanding quickly, it was also strapped for cash, he explained.

irony is that we were running out of money and couldn raise additional funds, he said. with that revenue, the company was not going to make it. rumours When a company is on its way to going bust, people outside the firm tend to talk and rumours fly, said Sonberg.
timberland boat shoes Four signs your employer is going down the drain

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Hikers have a number of decisions to make when deciding upon gear, from the larger decisions including which tent, sleeping bag and backpack to employ, all the way down to the smaller decisions like weight and space saving water bottles and toothbrushes. The most significant gear choice, though, is backpacking footwear. Your feet carry all of it, and if your footwear isn’t right, it may possibly mean the end of the journey.

While support and durability are concerns when choosing backpacking footwear, fit is of chief importance. If your footwear doesn’t fit properly, you may be at risk of serious injury and can indeed count on blisters. Even within your proper size, the construction of the shoe may allow your foot to chafe or move around both of which promote blister formation. It is difficult to attain such a first rate fit that the foot doesn’t form hot spots from sliding inside the shoe.

Basic trekking footwear has always been robust hiking boots. Intended to supply foot and ankle support along with protection from kicking against rocks, such boots are weighty and rigid. There isn’t any give to the boot,so your foot is crammed inside the confines of the toe box. Without a superb fit, your foot may slide around in the boot, or your toes may very well bang against the ends. Bulky hiking boots can have their place in very rugged terrain or wintry temperatures, or when transporting a heavily stuffed backpack, however a really good, trouble free fit can be hard to accomplish.

As backpacking loads have diminished greatly in more recent times, backpacking footwear has also lightened. Trail shoes are a pleasant choice for the trail. If you don’t have a weighty load,
timberland polo shirts uk Four Options For The Trail
the need for rigid support fades away. Less heavy footwear benefits your agility, allowing you to effortlessly escape kicking rubble, and the heavy protection isn’t needed. The uppers are certainly more supple, which provides more give for your feet to maneuver around as needed. Trail shoes offer many selections of style, ranging from a lighter, lower cut boot design to an athletic shoe style. Fit will still be a necessary thing to consider, as your foot will still be contained inside of a toe box.

Sandals have grown to be a different choice for backpacking footwear. They are lightweight, and they also leave your toes able to bend and spread as necessary. Hiking sandals come with toe caps to protect from rock kicking, and lugged soles for traction. The tough soles can often be stiff, though, and there is very slight protection from debris.

The most up to date option in backpacking footwear is shoes with toes. These minimalist shoes are sometimes known as barefoot shoes, as they simply have separate compartments for each toe, and look similar to a glove on your foot. The soles are of minimal thickness enough to protect the bottoms of your feet, while permitting you to still feel the ground. Backpackers take pleasure in the flexibility, the agility, plus the concept that the toes aren’t confined. In contrast to sliding inside of a toe box, the toes are free to spread and adapt to the ground, so now the risk of blisters is lowered.

From heavy to light weight, there is a backpacking footwear option that’s correct for you and your particular backpacking technique. Do not be too self conscious to try out something a bit distinctive it may well turn out to be the footwear choice you’ve been needing.
timberland polo shirts uk Four Options For The Trail

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“She presents so well and convinces people she’s fine and she can manage. But in reality there’s a lot of areas where she really can’t do it by herself without support.”

Seth is 31 and has spent a lifetime struggling to cope:

“I look fine, I act fine but nobody actually knows what goes on in my head. Things that my brain does to me without me even wanting to. Makes life very difficult.” Seth

They both have brain damage, caused by their mothers drinking alcohol in pregnancy.

“I’m sure there’s lots of mothers out there that know that they drank. They’re too scared to come forward because it’s a shameful thing.” Claire H, mother who drank alcohol while pregnant

In this confronting story, we take you into the lives of three everyday Australian families grappling with the consequences of drinking in pregnancy.

The children face a devastating range of problems, from behavioural issues to learning difficulties, collectively known as Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

And it’s much more common than you might think. Best projections indicate it could affect more than half a million Australians.

“I think the burden. is predominantly in the white middle class.” Paediatrician

We go inside Australia’s first dedicated clinic where specialists are diagnosing and tackling the disorder, and warn that some children diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) are actually suffering the effects of foetal alcohol exposure.

“We regard foetal alcohol spectrum disorder as being the driver for ADHD.” Paediatrician

The doctors also caution that Australia’s heavy drinking culture overshadows the concerns we should have about women drinking alcohol in pregnancy.

“A woman does not have to be an alcoholic [to cause damage].” Psychologist

Hidden Harm, reported by Deb Whitmont and presented by Kerry O’Brien, goes to air on Monday 2nd November at 8.30pm. It is replayed on Tuesday 3rd November at 10.00am and Wednesday 4th at midnight.

Transcript2 November 2015 Hidden Harm

KERRY O’BRIEN, PRESENTER: Tonight on Four Corners,
timberland women Four Corners
mothers and their children speak up about the devastating legacy of drinking alcohol while pregnant.

SETH RUSSELL: I’ve had many people who were saying, “There’s nothing wrong with you. Get over it.” It’s not the case. I look fine, I act fine. But nobody actually knows what goes on in my head.

CLAIRE HOLLAND: I I’m sure there’s lots of mothers out there that know that they drank. They’re too scared to come forward because it’s, it is a shameful thing and, and the guilt you hold is. it’s just. overwhelming.

JULIANNE CONRY, DR., PSYCHOLOGIST: A woman does not have to be an alcoholic to affect her newborn child. But four drinks on an occasion, twice or more during the pregnancy, we know can have an effect on the child.

KERRY O’BRIEN: Health experts have for decades warned women about the dangers to unborn babies from drinking alcohol while pregnant.

But in a culture where alcohol permeates almost every aspect of our social life, research shows that half of Australian women continue to drink during pregnancy, mostly in what they think is careful moderation.

They need to think again.

The latest research argues strongly that there is no safe exposure to alcohol for the foetus and it’s Australia’s educated middle class where the exposure is greatest.
timberland women Four Corners

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timberland outlet shoes Four Charged in Multiple Home Invasions

The trial has begun for Four men accused in four home invasions in metro.

The four accused are Abdifatah Mohamed, Gary Hennessey, Mitchell Nippard and Tyler Donahue. They accused of breaking into four homes in St. John Mount Pearl and Paradise, between February 4 and the 9, 2017.

Today is Day 1 of the trial of Abdifatah Mohamed, Mitchell Nippard,
timberland glasses Four Charged in Multiple Home Invasions
Gary Hennessey (l r, in custody), and Tyler Donahue. The four are facing over 100 charges in connection with four home invasions, btw Feb. 4 9, 2017.

Mohamed indicated to the court he would be representing himself at the trial.

First on the stand this morning was RNC Cst. Michael Hunt. Cst. Hunt was working street patrol on the evening of February 9 when he responded to a residential break in with weapons involved.

Police located a vehicle ditched in a snowbank. Nippard wallet was found inside. Police stopped a second vehicle, Nippard was driving and Hennessey was in the passenger seat.
timberland glasses Four Charged in Multiple Home Invasions

timberland chukka boots Four arrested in violent scenes as huge brawl ‘involving football fans’ erupts in Liverpool city centre

cheap timberland work boots Four arrested in violent scenes as huge brawl ‘involving football fans’ erupts in Liverpool city centre

Four arrested in violent scenes as huge brawl ‘involving football fans’ erupts in Liverpool city centreChairs and bottles were seen being thrown during the violent scuffle while one man is seen being bodyslammed to the ground01:28, 23 NOV 2017Updated08:34,
timberland chukka boots Four arrested in violent scenes as huge brawl 'involving football fans' erupts in Liverpool city centre
23 NOV 2017″Me and my friend got trapped in the middle of it while trying to get out of Concert Square. I actually lost her at one point and couldn’t find her in the crowd.”

Another witness told our sister newspaper that she feared she would be crushed by those involved.

She said: “It was genuinely terrifying. Me and my friend got trapped in the middle of it while trying to get out of Concert Square.

“I actually lost her at one point and couldn’t find her in the crowd. People were throwing chairs and glasses and people were falling down the steps.

“It’s so lucky we weren’t crushed. I was in tears the whole way home.”

In a statement, Merseyside Police later confirmed “officers were called to Liverpool city centre,
timberland chukka boots Four arrested in violent scenes as huge brawl 'involving football fans' erupts in Liverpool city centre
this evening (23 November 2017) following reports of a disturbance involving members of the public and door staff.

“Officers attended at just after 11.20pm in the Concert Square and Wood Street areas and have arrested four people for public order offences.

babies timberland boots Four arrested in Gwinnett shoe robbery scheme

timberland polo shirt Four arrested in Gwinnett shoe robbery scheme

Rashawn Jones, 20, Tyrese Watkins, 17, and unnamed 16 and 15 year old juveniles were arrested recently on charges of robbery by sudden snatching, according to a news release from the Gwinnett County Police Department. Brown,
babies timberland boots Four arrested in Gwinnett shoe robbery scheme
Watkins and the juvenile also face armed robbery charges.

Gwinnett police said four robberies occurred in the Sweetwater Road/Club Drive area over the course of a month. The scheme involved people looking to sell tennis shoes on Facebook, and prospective buyers, who offered to pay more than the seller asked.

In each of the four cases, the seller would show up with the shoes and the suspect would snatch the shoes and run, police said. One victim chased the shoe thieves on foot, but was confronted by one of the suspects with a handgun.

Watkins and Jones were arrested and taken to the Gwinnett County Detention Center. Brown and the unnamed juveniles were being detained in the Gwinnett Regional Youth Detention Center.
babies timberland boots Four arrested in Gwinnett shoe robbery scheme

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timberland ladies founder Tim Brown Scores World Class Welly Award

Mycoplasma Bovis: More Properties PositiveOne of the latest infected properties is in the Hastings district, the other three are within a farming enterprise in Winton. The suspect property is near Ashburton. More>>

ALSO:NZ Govt New bovis finds disappointingFederated Farmers Infection positives underline ‘protect your patch’ messageManawat Gorge Alternative: More Work Needed To Choose Route”We are currently working closely and in partnership with local councils and other stakeholders to make the right long term decision. It’s vital we have strong support on the new route as it will represent a very significant long term investment and it will need to serve the region and the country for decades to come.” More>>

ALSO:Joint Press Release NZTA deferral of decision on Manawatu Gorge welcomedRBNZ: Super Fund Chief To Be New Reserve Bank GovernorAdrian Orr has been appointed as Reserve Bank Governor effective from 27 March 2018, Finance Minister Grant Robertson says. More>>

ALSO:BusinessDesk NZ dollar climbs to two week high on Orr appointment Super Fund boss Adrian Orr appointed next RBNZ govThe Scoop Team PM’s Press Conference 11/12/17: From RBNZ to RNZBNZ Bankers’ Association Bankers’ Association congratulates new Reserve Bank Governor
cheap womens timberland boots founder Tim Brown Scores World Class Welly Award